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Apple Photos Migration "Sync Issues"


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Dec 27, 2020
Lightroom Version
Lightroom version: 4.1 x64 [ 20201120-1311-17d302b ] (Nov 23 2020)
Operating System
  1. macOS 11.0 Big Sur
Long time photographer here currently using Luminar 4 and Photoscape for my editing. Trying to make the switch to LR. I'm wanting all my photos in a cloud based location with good editing tools. I've ran into some issues using the Apple Photos migration tool. I've done a deep dive internet search and searched this forum. Great info here but I couldn't finding anything specific to my problem. A few questions:

1. I have 23,646 photos showing in Apple Photos. A combination of .NEF(RAW), .JPG, .HEIC(IOS) etc... Some are edited. LR migrator uploaded 20,280 of my photos. I'm missing 3,000+.
I have 85 albums created in Apple Photos and they all migrated. That's great but for example in "Birthdays" it shows 1,007 photos in the album but in the album in LR it shows 952 photos. Some didn't migrate. Any idea why all of my photos didn't migrate?

a. I understand it doesn't migrate edited photos but I have appox. 6,000 edited. Some of them migrated? b. I have good duplicate finding software and use it. Could it be that LR is better and these 3,000+ that didn't migrate are duplicates?

2. I have the exact same number showing on the web based library as the app. 20,080. This is a good thing but the web based library has "Sync Issues" below the "AllPhotos". It's showing 16,906 in Sync issues. Migrator is complete and the web base is also done updating. The number hasn't moved for several hours. When I open them up I get the "file name .jpeg, open lightroom on Tods MacBook pro to continue syncing". .NEF(RAW) as well, all different formats. Any idea what's going on here?

Short version, after migration my photo count in the LR app and the web based library match exactly but it's short of my total photos in Apple Photos. Also, it's showing 16,000+ photos with "Sync issues"?

I want to keep LRcc. I can cloud base my photos in iCloud but it doesn't edit and editing using the apple editing tools just doesn't cut it. But if I can't have all my photos in the LR cloud it's a dealbreaker. I can loose a few to make the switch but not thousands.

Maybe I need LR Classic and Apple iCloud combination? That way I can have the LR editing and have all of my photos. Can LR Classic be used as an extension in Apple Photos? Or would I have to import photo to the lightroom software, edit and then export back to Apple photos? Not going to do that. I'm trying to make my workflow easier not create more steps.

My thinking was after I got all of my photos migrated to LRcc I would save the Apple photos to an external and then delete it off my drive using lightroom for my editing and library. But again, all of my photos aren't there. LR library file shows 189GB and Apple Library shows 206GB

Thanks for your help-Tod in N.W. Arkansas
Feb 1, 2010
West Sussex, UK
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I don't know enough about Apples Photos migration, as I've never used it, but hopefully someone else will be able to comment on that aspect.

The "sync issues" in the LrWeb app is likely to be that those 20k photos that you've migrated into the Lightroom desktop app have to be then uploaded ("synced") to the Abobe Cloud, and until that upload is complete then sync issues will be reported in the LrWeb app. So check the sync status in the Lightroom Desktop app (click on the cloud icon top right), it will tell you how many images are still being uploaded. That should roughly equate to the number of sync issues reported in LrWeb. If you occasionally refresh the browser window in LrWeb you should see the number of sync issues gradually reducing.