Amazing green and red tones


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Feb 29, 2024
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i really like this kind of style. The green and red tones are amazing. Do you have any ideas what basic adjustments lead to such a result? How far can i go without local corrections?
Is it just color saturation and maybe a color shift? Or is there much more to do?

It is only a guess to view an image to tell how the photographer arrived at the final derivation. If the metadata information has not been stripped off, the Metadata in the file header can give you some indication as to what processes were used to create the image. is a website that can reveal some of the information that you are looking for.
Welcome to the forum. This kind of question gets asked frequently and I have two responses. First, is my guess as to what someone did to the image. In this case I would say they desaturated it to a degree, brought down a lot of the highlights, compressed the dynamic range, and perhaps did some toning. There are variations on how people achieve "filmic" looks and how one describes that look usually dictates what processing steps to consider.

My second answer is to spend some time learning LR/C to learn how to do such adjustments, if only to get familiar with what the tools provided can offer. It is a powerful tool and using it to only copy styles rather than developing your own seems to be making quite limited use of the tools at hand. Unless one is looking to not pay for presets, which are almost always being sold by media influencers and content creators, then it is possible to just explore presets for sale until one is found. It really depends on what you want to get, and how you want to get it.

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An important thing to understand is that the different color controls in Lightroom are all there because each set of controls affects color differently. So a big part of this is understanding how each set of color controls affects color differently.

One potential source of wisdom is Blake Rudis’ f64 Academy channel on YouTube. He is unlike many of the YouTubers who just go over software features, because he has a thorough understanding of color theory (his background includes fine art painting). So his approach to Adobe Camera Raw/Lightroom and Photoshop is based on how to use color tools to advance an approach based on color theory and color relationships, and I learn a lot from his perspective on the color tools.

You might review some of his videos that talk about controlling and enhancing specific colors in a photo. The two links below use example images that are similar to the one you posted, in that they’re landscapes with trees. The first video linked below talks about the little-understood Calibration panel, and the second one talks about the very new and useful Point Color feature. He uses them to get around the limitations of the other color controls, to affect the colors you want to change without negatively affecting other colors.

Calibration panel (starts at 3:37)

Point Color

He demonstrates in Adobe Camera Raw, but the options are the same as in Lightroom Classic.
I've been all over Europe and I'll just add that many buildings are coloured that way. Overcast sky so it would not be too far from what it actually looked like. A little desaturation perhaps. Of course I could be wrong.