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ALERT: Syncing Bug in 12.2 for Windows 10

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Jul 4, 2008
San Francisco Bay Area
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  1. Windows 10
Since I teach Lightroom Classic and troubleshoot for others, it takes a lot for me to call Adobe when I have an issue (esp when I hear stories from my students about their experiences with Adobe support). Images stopped syncing from my phone to my catalog. They were showing in Lightroom. I tried:

  • Re-building Sync database
  • Re-booting computer
  • Turning sync on and off
  • Uninstalling and re-installing Lightroom Classic
I called adobe and they removed one missing photo and insisted that they had to re-build the sync database. (I think they just didn't know what to do)

I tried a back up catalog, and when that didn't work, the only think else I thought was downgrading to 12.1 which worked.

So if you have issues, take note. If you have the URL for reporting bugs, please post so I can.


Me Too.
  • Windows/10 and LrC 12.2. Syncing photo from Pixel/7 (not pro).
  • Verified image is in Adobe Cloud.
  • LrC cloud icon shows green check mark and "all synced" text.
  • Lightroom Sync tab In Preferences dialog shows one photo "Downloading". Hasn't changed in 2 days. Clicking on photo path in Preferences shows image in web browser.
  • Image does not appear in folder designated to receive new images from Adobe Cloud.
Added this info to https://community.adobe.com/t5/lightroom-classic-discussions/sync-issue/td-p/13587700
Me too.
Something has changed in the last few days. Last upload was 2-15.
Today, just took 2 more shots with the iphone.
The phone thinks they have been synced. My ipad confirms it.
My LR Classic won't bring them down from the cloud despite multiple stops and starts, and even a reboot of the pc.
My sync has been stuck for days. 128 pictures. I've tried rebuilding the sync data and did not help. Any updates?
For everyone on this thread, if you could join at the community thread Victoria's linked above and provide your:
Operating System Version?
Date of last file successfully synced?
Syncing stopped again like it did last month. Images are at https://lightroom.adobe.com/ from my phone, but not syncing to my catalog.

Have a support ticket into Adobe. Running 12.2.1
Not open for further replies.