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AI Masking Performance (NOT DENOISE)

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New Member
May 5, 2023
Lightroom Version Number
Lightroom Classic version: 12.3
Operating System
  1. Windows 10
I am editing for a few different photographers (looking to take on more clients if you are looking for an editor)and I do a lot of synced ai masks as well as presets with ai masks. Is AI Masking NOT AI Denoise CPU or GPU bound . If its GPU bound is it based more of RT cores or standard cores. In other words will a lower end rtx card outperform a radeon card.

Currently running a Ryzen 3600XT 48 GB Ram 256 Nvme Boot 1 TB NVME work drive and a GTX 1650.

What would speed up AI masking specificly a CPU Upgrade to a 5900X or a GPU upgrade to a 3060 / 6700XT
I run a Ryzen 5900x and have found Lightroom ran really well until the relatively new masking features were introduced. Now, if I use several masks, for example select sky and then use the adjustment brush in several places and perhaps some healing, Lightroom can slow to a frustrating pace. I have identified my GPU (GTX 1050 Ti) as the culprit as masking seems to use the GPU quite heavily and I will be upgrading this soon. I would imagine you would also need to upgrade your GPU to an RTX card that is up to the job and see if that helps before upgrading your CPU. AMD has some competitively priced GPUs, but from my general research I have concluded that Nvidia cards are more suited to photo editing with generally better drivers. Unfortunately, at present it is inconclusive as to whether there is any material performance benefit in going for a more powerful GPU than an RTX 3060 12GB.
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