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Dec 21, 2022
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LR AI Denoise is taking 5 min to process a 45 MB file. Resource monitor shows memory and cpu below 25%. I am using AMD 5700G (integrated graphics) and it is at 100%.
So I temporarily used a RX 6650 XT (8 GB) and the time dropped to 1 min. I am now in search for a new discrete GPU. I have done a ton of research but cannot find what features are important for AI processing? Is it VRAM, base clock, boost speed, memory speed, core speed, tensor cores, Cuda cores, Directx 12 Ultimate (12_2), RAM bandwidth etc? It is hard to compare these cards when I don't know what specs are important to LR AI and Photoshop. It seems ALL reviews seem focused on Frames per second.
I am sure LR and other apps will be using more AI very soon so I want to future proof as much as possible. I am not looking so much for a GPU recommendation as I am understanding what specs are critically important to this type of processing. I know the RTX 4000 series are not getting great reviews for the price, but it seem that the new architecture (ada lovelace) could be important. Would a GPU that is good for video editing be the type of card I should focus on?
Side note: While DeNoise is processing my screen flickers, this is common from what I've read. commennts?
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Mar 29, 2015
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I have done a ton of research but cannot find what features are important for AI processing?
I think there are two questions there:
  • AI features which will be delivered within LrC just as any new features are. The requirements for these will be reflected in the CPU, GPU and RAM specs.
  • Cloud based AI. I use the cloud only because your picture will be uploaded to an an AI server for processing. The new regenerative AI tools are an example of this. So the need for local LrC processing once you get the results back I don't know has been addressed.
I want to future proof as much as possible
Don't we all. This is one reason I'm still leaning to a desktop, rather than a laptop, where I can replace some components like the video card as needed. Another considerations is that if Adobe ever lets LrC work with more than one video card (I believe it can only address one at the moment). I can add an additional card.
Mar 21, 2015
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Read this page …

That is post #30 of a fairly long thread. I posted it to warn people about GPU power cable issues… but it got legs and got into relative performance discussion Related to the new DeNoise feature.

#30 is a list of performance stats for diff configs. Decide if you wish to read the full thread.

I started the thread…. am a techie… despite this …. do not fully understand gpu’s or what to look for. My one line summary would be, if looking for Nvidia would be an RTX 30xx or 40xx, would try to get 12 GB memory… would wait a few months for the 4060 to be in stock and also to check its pricing. I cannot comment re Intel or AMD or other GPU variants. I got the RTX 4070Ti based on the relative price / performance ratio and the prices had dropped a lot since I had checked 6 months earlier and I could not wait any longer to change.

It is a tricky subject, with a lot of variables.
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