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Adobe should not stop my photography plan license when i temporarily have no internet connection

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Jun 5, 2012
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Hello everybody,
can i do anything in front to not loose the ability to work with LR and PS when i am traveling in a country, where an internet connection is not guarenteed, for example Ethiopia?
I just loaded the new versions of LR and PS, does that mean that Adobe will not contact my computer in the next 90 days?
Greetings from Germany
But some caution. That is on a computer by computer basis. If you have been using Classic on a desktop then copy your catalog to a laptop and scoot off to the wilderness you may be blocked as the license token on the laptop has not been refreshed. To avoid this, before you leave home with your laptop log onto your Adobe account and open both PS and LR using the laptop. Then completely shut down those applications on the laptop. To test the result, turn WiFi on the laptop off (to simulate being without an internet connection) and see if LR and PS will launch and run normally.
Another suggestion:
Do not adjust the laptop Date and Time while traveling- Reports of this suggest that Adobe programs are deactivated until you can again Sign-In with Internet.
And one more. Don't let your battery run out, as that has been known to invalidate it too.
Not sure why Adobe complicates subscription with this requirement. One is either subscribed or not.
Not sure why Adobe complicates subscription with this requirement. One is either subscribed or not.
Without the check, there would be no way of controlling the subscription. One could subscribe, stay offline and use it without a subscription. Microsoft (Office 365) works similarly.
Your point makes a lot of sense. However, software downloaded for a 30 day trial period has a way of monitoring when the 30 days are up and reminds the user to activate the software. Surely there is a mechanism where the software reminds the user to connect to the internet on required intervals. If a person pays monthly, then the software expires unless the user logs in to let Adobe know .
The local CC App does indeed remind you, it detects the time since it could connect and also the lack of internet.
Thanks for that clarification.
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