Adjusted raw lightroom files change to dull when plugged into new macbook pro

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Oct 26, 2011
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Operating System: High Sierra, macbook pro
Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Adobe classic lightroom CC 7.01

Working on raw files!

I have two computers with the same presets, one's an Imac and ones a new macbook pro. Both are calibrated and screens are a similar colour calibration. I have imported presets from my older macbook pro and from my imac and when they are applied on the imac they are great and when I plug in my external drive into the laptop the presets go from perfectly edited to dull. I can watch them doing it...and I have no idea what is happening. I never had this happen on my other macbook pro and when they plugged back into my imac they are fine again. Someone suggested camera profiles maybe causing this but how do I check and what do I do to correct it? Would love to know whats happening here so if anyone can assist it'd be so appreciated.

I have added an edited and exported jpg file that was previewed in Lightroom and in Bridge at the same time. The darker version is how it should be looking.


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