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adding text to pictures to be <<published>> from Lightroom

Mar 18, 2019
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Classic 8
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Windows 10
I've been looking for ways to add text to an LR picture (original/virtual copy etc.) that is to be published (LR term!). LR Mogrify and other solutions I've seen (Watermarks) only work either in specific LR modules (printing/slideshows) or when any sort of EXPORT is involved. What I need however is adding some text to pictures that has to show up after LR has published them directly to a gallery or service. Much obliged for pointing me in the right direction.
Jul 2, 2015
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Classic 7
You should be able to use LR Mogrify inside a publishing service too. Select the LR Mogrify function on the bottom left of the dialog, then click 'Add' to add it to the publishing service settings.