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Add Catchlight

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I rarely have images with Red Eye as I rarely shoot with a flash. However, vagauely recall that the Red-Eye tool has a "Add Catchlight" tool. However in playing with the Red-eye tool it seems that sometimes this checkbox is present and sometimes it is not. Am I correct that the catchlight checkbox only appears if the selected eye does not already have a natural catchlight?
I may be wrong, but I only ever remember seeing the catchlight checkbox on pet eye. It could be that I haven’t had the right photos to trigger it though.
Agree with @Victoria Bampton
The 'Catchlight' option only occurs with the Pet Red Eye correction. Select the Red-eye tool and switch between the two buttons-
2023-03-22 09_54_38-Roberts Catalog-v12 - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic - Develop.jpg
Some of my people images have it.



My contention is that LrC thinks that her right eye (bottom screen shot) already has a catchlight so doesn't provide the opportunity to add another where as in the top photo (her left eye) it doesn't percieve a pre existing catchlight - even though one is present - and thus provided the tool to add one. I should note that if I check the "add catchlight" box, nothing changes in this particular photo.
I beg to differ. If it only is available with "Pet Eye" (which would be an odd design choice to begin with), please explain this screen shot.

You'll note that there is no "Pet Eye" in the history panel yet the "Add Catchlight" check box appears? Apparently this is a Process Version 3 image. I wonder if perhaps it was available then but not now?
@Califdan said: I wonder if perhaps it was available then but not now?
Nope. I updated the image to the current PV and the checkbox is still there.
The plot thickens.

1) I created a new empty catalog and imported this RAW image after renaming the XMP so that it would not be referenced. But I could not get it to show me the checkbox in the new catalog.

2) I then removed the image from the catalog, renamed the XMP back and re-imported it this time with LrC seeing the XMP. The XMP was created while the images was on PV3. After import, LrC showed PV3 and the red eye regions retained their circles and indeed the checkbox was present

3) So, I updated the image to PV5, and saved the metadata to the XMP file. Removed the image from LrC and then re-imported it. This time it came in with PV5 and the red eye circles were present as well as the check boxes.

4) I then reset the image using the reset button but then could no longer draw a red eye that showed the checkbox

5) weirder still. After going back to the last "Import" history step (still using the PV5 XMP that shows the check boxes), then select one of the red eye circles and delete it, the history panel says "Delete Pet Eye Correction" when that correction was created uwing Peopl Red Eye.

So, apparently PV3 allowed the check boxes to show up for people as well as pets, but PV5 does not. In addition if you import a PV3 image with a People Red Eye correction having the cathklight checkbox and then update it to PV5 it retains the checkboxe even though it is PV5. However even though there is no history it thinks the red eye correction was a Pet Eye.

Do any of you recall any release notes between PV3 and now which indicated a deliberate removal of the Catch Light tool from People Red eye?
Do any of you recall any release notes between PV3 and now which indicated a deliberate removal of the Catch Light tool from People Red eye?
Nope, and I'd have noticed it because I didn't think it was meant to work for Red Eye. Perhaps a bug fix?
Your screenshot shows neither Red Eye nor Pet Eye toggled:


which suggests your preferences are corrupted.
I found a post on the Adobe forum from @johnrellis where he indicated that after checking, as of LrC/10.4 this is "Designed Behavor"


John, I assume you checked with Adobe, did they provide any other info, like a link to release notes?
Hmm, I don't remember checking with Adobe privately (I try not to do that, so I can always have referenceable information), and the only mention of catchlight I see in Lightroom Queen release notes is the introduction of Pet Eye in LR 6.0:

That implies that Catchlight was specific to Pet Eye.

I think what I meant was that I had checked in the previous LR version (LR 10.4) and that 10.4 behaved the same as 11.0. Our power is out so I can't check versions of LR prior to 10.4 (stored on a powerless external drive) to see how they behaved.


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Your screenshot shows neither Red Eye nor Pet Eye toggled:


which suggests your preferences are corrupted.
John, It seems that when Ihave a Red Eye correction selected, the subtle highlight on the type buttons goes away, however, above those button it does say "Red Eye Correction" (Not Pet Eye).

When you get your power back, see if your system behaves the same.
Here's what my LR 12.2.1 / Windows 10 looks like with Red Eye and then Pete Eye toggled:



The label in the upper-right always says "Red Eye Correction" whichever button is toggled. My Mac OS LR behaves the same way. That's why I think your preferences might be corrupted?

(If necessary, I'll try older versions when power comes back on, which might be several days.)
In a single image, when I have the person's left eye correction selected I see this (Pet eye subtly highlighted)

but when I select the person's right eye correction I see this (neither button is highlightred)

I'll try resettuing preferences when I get a moment, but other than that probaly not worth spending more time on it.

thanks for playing along with me
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