A hot and humid hello from Houston


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Aug 27, 2019
I joined the Queen's site here a few months ago but just now checking out the forum because your are never too old to learn a few new tricks. I'm 63 and retired from 40 years of commercial photography here in Houston. Switched fully to digital 15 years ago but I had started using Photoshop 3.0 in about '95. I never thought I needed Lightroom. I was OK with Photoshop and Bridge and thought it did everything I needed but once I got started with LR Version 4, I was hooked. I am self taught and feel pretty proficient and have a good workflow that really works for me.

Since I retired I travel a lot and challenge myself to learn new techniques and try to find something to photography every week, if not every day! It's fun to take pictures of what I want and not what some art director wants! I have 19 grandchildren and one on the way so I shoot a lot of family stuff, children's portraits, football and soccer action and just kids growing up. I have fun!

I find Lightroom invaluable for it's file management and non destructive editing. I am still amazed at how it can take images that might have made it to the round file in the film days and make them into something usable and quite good. And I have moved beyond managing and editing images I take with my cameras, I have built catalogs for other images I am collecting like scans of old slides, color and B&W negatives and images I have collected related to my genealogy research. It's just a great tool.