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May 22, 2022
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Lightroom version: 6.0
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Hello friendly people!

I'm into day 3 of struggling with a couple issues using lightroom 6 with my external drive on my mac and am beginning to wonder if 6 is slowly dying. I am now wading through a deep pool of new lightrooms (eek!) and a lot of computer knowledge that seems to have fallen out of my brain to make room for diapers drool and sleep deprivation...

Usually, I upload photos from my camera into lightroom and then organize them into folders either on my mac hd or external hd, edit, and export either into a folder for a specific project or publish using the lightroom to flickr publisher. About a month ago, lightroom struggled hard getting photos off my camera - I'd hit "import" and nothing would happen for a while, or it would start and stop and get stuck and nothing would import and this seems to have been solved with much restarting and updating of my computer and Lr. Now, my external hd is suddenly acting up. First, I couldn't create a new folder inside it. I ran first aid in disk utility and changed USB cables and ports and found a combo just today where I was able to create a folder - yay! Now, I can't drag and drop from library into my external hd. The hd has a green light in the library tab, and I can see all the photos and everything is otherwise normal. That wasn't a big deal, I worked with these new files from off my mac hd but now I can't develop any photos from the external. I get a message "the file cannot be opened" as soon as I hit the develop tab. Outside of lightroom, the hd functions normally.

What am I missing? Is Lightroom dying? Is my ext HD toast? I'm completely overwhelmed with information that doesn't seem to be related to these issues.
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