A Bit of Color Management Frustration


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May 3, 2012
Oregon, U.S.A.
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  1. macOS 10.15 Catalina
Using soft proofing & display calibration, I have been trying to sort out a screen-to-print match issue. Namely, some of my prints had come back from the lab considerably darker than the on-screen image when viewed under D50 lighting. After several test prints based on different display calibration settings & soft proofing under the lab's ICC printer/paper profile, I felt that I had finally achieved a close match. However.....a test print of one image in particular (that my wife wanted to send to my daughter) came back from 2 different labs considerably darker. Tired of waiting for me to sort out this color management issue, she said: "Shoot the image, don't use a printer/paper profile, don't soft proof it & send it out of the camera to CostCo for printing". When the print came back, it was virtually a perfect match to the screen image. I was puzzled; but my wife was smirking. Your thought would be most appreciated. Thank you.