11.5 Export Dialogue behavior question

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Brent Harsh

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Nov 20, 2016
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Hello all,

Using Windows LR Classic build (dang, it still won't paste from the About pane... it's 11.5 anyway) I am seeing two very strange things when I export. My project is a shoot for my daughter's ballet studio's portraits. I've tagged every face so everything is properly identified. I've got Smart Collections built for each kid (about 65 kids). I now want to export all the collections, filtered to leave off the rejected ones, into named folders for handing off to the parents. I have an top-level export folder structure to hold all the kid's folders, like this:

C:\Users\micro\Pictures\InfinityPortraitsSpring\Infinity Spring Portraits - Watermarks

I exported most kids without any issues a few weeks back following this process:
Start in the Grid view.
* Click a smart collection I am ready to export.
* Click the filter preset (Flagged+Unflagged) at the right of the thin bar above the filmstrip bar each time because it refuses to stay set (I know, I should just build it into the Smart Filter too, but I do *sometimes* want to be able to toggle it on and off... I just wish it would stay on when I switch collections, but nope... but that's not my real problem, just a gripe... sorry...).
* Select all the images now showing in the grid.
* Look at the keywords, and highlight the name of the kid being exported. Some are group shots so some collections may have several names so be careful to grab the one without the "*" which means it's in every image for this selected collection. Ctrl-C to copy. This is very, very touchy - check for comma inclusion and missing first characters or added spaces.
* Click Export to start the dialog.
* Make sure "Export to specific folder" is chosen, and that the "specific folder" is my top-level folder mentioned above.
* Make sure "Put in Subfolder" checkbox is checked, and the Ctrl-V the name of the person into the folder name space.
* double check the rest of the settings and click export - unless I've used it for something in between this is always correct.

A few weeks ago over US Labor Day, I exported the bulk of the kids. Because it's a manual process with so many people (more than 60), I did miss several kid's names while exporting - maybe jumped over them in the Smart Collection list, whatever... so today I was asked where they were, and I went back into Lightroom (same computer, same catalog, same folders - but *maybe* Lightroom was updated since Sept 7) and this process no longer works!

Even though the "put in subfolder" is checked, and I pasted the names of the person I forgot to export the first time around, all exported images are put into the parent export folder.
In addition to this, even though the parent export folder is selected and is correct, every single time I export, it produces a file browser dialog for me to re-select that same parent "specific" folder - it's like it doesn't believe it's already set and also it isn't seeing the "subfolder" checkbox set. While trying to fix this, I did notice there was a choice for "ask every time" but I guarantee you that I have not chosen this export option and never have done so. All was still set from the last time I exported all these kids!

I only had 3 kids to export, so I just created the named folder and did the move manually in the file browser after the export finished each kid (which is fine because I don't want these exports in the catalog anyway) but still highly annoying - this was a flowing process and now it seems completely broken.

I have tried the following after-the-fact just for debugging and writing this post:
* I tried not checking "put in subfolder" to see what happens (this acts as expected).
* I changed the parent "specific" folder destination: First time, it acted the same way, it didn't create a subfolder under the existing dest folder I had chosen. The second time, I just created a whole new "top folder" from within the file explorer dialog , chose it, and left the subfolder checked... and dang, this one worked by creating the subfolder underneath the new "testing" folder!

Has anyone else run into this recently?

As an additional question - has anyone figured out a process/plugin where I could simply select the 65 smart collections at once and tell LR to export them to individual folders using the Collection name as the folder title? That's what I really wanted to do here anyway, but didn't have time to browse a billion plugins. It would have been nice to walk away and find all 1700+ images exported into the 65-or-so folders ready to hand to parents! I'd really liked to have done this from the People page actually, but didn't see that as an option anywhere either - would be nice to just choose a face and "export person".
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