1. T

    High CPU usage when "Writing Metatdata Changes into XMP"

    Hello LRQ Community, I have a problem with LR 13.1 I have activated the Option "Writing Metatdata Changes into XMP". The problem is that I have really high cpu loads and also the reads/writes on my SSD are very high. The problem occurs when I´m in LR and take some small editings and switch to...
  2. P

    The metadata for this photo has been changed by another application -

    Mac OS - Sonoma 14.0 LRc - 12.4 Just moved all my photo's to NAS (Synology 1621) , LRc catalog is on the local Mac drive. Everything seems to be operating as expected, other than the metadata warnings. The metadata status shows "changed on disk". All I do is edit in the develop module and...
  3. C

    LR Classic catalog settings - what are the defaults for metadata options?

    Hello all In LR Classic, Catalog settings, what are the default checkbox settings please? I have been experimenting with two settings and now want to revert to the default - see screenshot with the two settings highlighted in yellow 1. "Include develop settings in metadata inside JPEG..." 2...
  4. P

    xmp file converter

    I am trying to import raw photos from LR into XnView. Unfortunately the xmp file format isn't recognized by XnView. Changes to the xmp file within DxO cause a complete rewrite of the xmp file which is acceptable to XnView. xmp files from LR and DxO are completely different - not only minor...
  5. phrank

    lrtemplate to XMP Meta Data Converter - Lightroom Classic > Bridge

    Hi I have posted this already in Adobe's Forum, but not sure if I will get some good input. More active here. Does anybody knows a software, plugin, script or action to convert meta data (IPTC / Geo data) presets from Lightroom Classic (.lrtemplate) to meta data presets for Bridge/Photoshop...
  6. N

    Local copies but no adjustments locally.

    I alternate between using LR Cloud on a Windows desktop PC and an iPad and this works pretty well, except when I try to view at 100% when things are pixelated for a minute or so (and I can't work out how to get to exact 100% view on an iPad). It makes it impossible to check sharpness while this...
  7. pedz

    Always save XMP as side car?

    On a related note... my LR currently updates files like DNG, JPG, TIFF when I save the XMP. I don't do this often but it's painful to save a 200M tif just for the little xmp data. Can I get LR to always make a side car?
  8. Paul_DS256

    Change in when XMP's get created in LrC 11

    I've always had XMP writing enabled. I (thought) when I loaded my NEF files, I always saw XMP files created during Import. Checking a recent backup, I noticed only those photo's I'd made a change in Develop to had XMP's. As a test, I found a NEF without a XMP, made a simple Develop change, and...
  9. S

    Can you move XMP files

    I import my RAW images into LR using COPY, they go into a 1TB SSD and remain there till either I need to move them due to space or I'm finished editing. When I move them to an external drive where do the XMP files go? O r maybe a better question is where are the XMP files stored on import...
  10. M

    XMP Presets

    Hi I downloaded a set of presets the other day (from 'Optical Wander'). They are .xmp type files. I have tried to import them within the develop module, in varios ways, having copied them to different folders, and it always comes up with 'The preset file was the wrong type of preset' I use LR6...
  11. M

    Lightroom SQLite database binary XMP format

    Lightroom catalog is a SQLite database. Some of the metadata values are stored under Adobe_AdditionalMetadata.XMP column which is a BLOB data type. When I save this blob, it is some binary file that I have no idea how to convert to/from an editable form. According to the documentation, xmp...
  12. Fernando M. I. Carreiro

    “Erase” brush is actually a normal brush with "Density" set to zero!

    This is not a question but a “For Your Information” post based on my latest experience (and previous ignorance) on how the Local Adjustments are rendered in Lightroom. Since Lightroom is a parametric editor, the more detailed the Local Adjustments are, especially with multiple and intricate...
  13. jean.mouette

    Question about XMP files

    Hi, I hope you are all doing fine! I have a question which bothers me. I am using 2 separate external discs, one for working (A) and another one which is a backup (B). A and B are strictly identical, they have the same name, the same folders and files. Whenever I plug A or B, my LR catalog...
  14. P

    Missing Lightroom Edits

    I've been going through all my Lightroom images to select work for a new website. I came across some older images (from 2016 and 2017) where the edits have disappeared. The RAW files are there but when I go into the Develop module all the sliders are set to zero and there are no edits...
  15. Bails

    Should changes to RAW files update the XMP file's timestamp?

    I processed a bunch of NEF files in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (v8.2 - Feb 2019 version) on my Win10 PC, and worked up some proofs for a client on 15 Feb. All of the NEFs were duly given their corresponding XMP file, but they’re all dated 15 Feb despite the fact that I’ve made changes to many...
  16. Ramona

    Missing DNGs XMPs Remain

    I sincerely hope someone here can help. I'm lost. I have just discovered on recovering several folders from backup that there are several with no DNGs, some with only XMPs and some with only JPGs. I'm here because LIghtroom was having conversion issues at one point, wouldn't convert on import...
  17. Paul B

    Another upgrade question!

    Hi Folks I’m considering moving from 6 Perpetual to 7 Classic on MacOS 10.13. Obviously I’d like to do this with a minimum of fuss and I have a few questions. I’d like to keep 6 for a while as a fallback. I have all application preferences, settings, presets, templates etc backed up. Q1 Does...
  18. Raztrend

    Blend Modes and Channels in LR 7.3 ACR 10.3

    With the latest update it's possible to view Channels in LR/ACR and use 14 Blend Modes on a single image (RAW and Non-RAW images) Preview Channels in Lightroom and ACR - RGB, CMYK, LAB, YUV, also Saturation and Brightness masks plus Skin tones. Also you can use Channels Swap for IR & UV images...
  19. Michael Naylor

    Catalogs Exiftool to remove obsolete metadata

    My images (TIFs, DNGs, JPGs and Photoshop) and been bounced from one DAM to another many times over the years. They have accumulated various bits of IPTC and XMP that is no longer required by LR. I would like to use exiftool to delete all of this crud, so I will need to know what can go and...
  20. allen-c

    Catalogs XMP box unticked - can I delete XMP files

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): I used to run LR with the Automatically write changes into XMP box ticked. I don't any longer. Can I destroy residual XMP files? I know, I could try and find out the hard/easy way...! Many thanks.
  21. A

    Xmp files

    In the Catalog preferences why does Adobe not have "write changes to xmp file" checked by default. It would seem this should be done for everyone.
  22. P

    useful utility to inspect XMP files

    For Windows users: Download XML Notepad 2007 from Official Microsoft Download Center Microsoft XML Notepad 2007 allows the "intelligent" formatted display of XMP file contents. Phil
  23. S

    Lightroom 5 + Lightroom CC (2015.7) Metadata Write Errors

    Hello all, Having constant issues with both Mac Lightroom 5 and Lightroom CC (2015.7) being unable to write metadata to sidecar XMP for my RAW files. I will sync my files, then Command-S to make sure all changes have been saved, before exporting. Preferences are set to “Automatically write...
  24. C

    XMP Metadata Option

    Hi, I am just beginning to make the transformation to using Lightroom and had an XMP question. I am use to working with Lightroom and having an XMP for each PSD photo I have. One of the things that intrigued me about Lightroom was the ability to make several versions of the same file...
  25. retina

    Reading XMP sidecar files automatically on import

    Hi folks, is there a way for Lightroom to automatically read an associated XMP sidecar file when importing RAW files? I know that you can select any number of files and use the menu option 'Metadata>Read metadata from file' after importing, but I would like to have the option of doing this...