1. T

    LrC side panels text - how can I max the contrast or colour on the text

    I'm getting very frustrated with LrC dim text on side panels when working LrC on some older screens. On my laptop with OLED and maxed brightness the legibility is good But on older monitor screens, especially where they have been calibrated (ie brightness not maxed out) the LrC font in the LHS...
  2. I

    Workflow for finished edits - Lightroom and Photoshop

    I have a number of workflow scenario questions that I've never really settled on an answer too so any help appreciated. Background: I like to create and enter images into our local camera club competitions. I like to keep my LR Catalog and images on disc 'OCD' tidy. If I Develop an image in...
  3. Michael Naylor

    Sessions by Collection Set per Project

    In my ongoing attempts to rationalise and use LR at intended, I’ve begun to make use of Collections more seriously. I’m leaning towards doing it like this… Projects Project 1 Sources Selects Intermediates Finals Derivatives Project 2 Sources Selects Intermediates Finals Derivatives …and so...