1. R

    Catalog Management

    Thanks to Clie01l I am back up and running on a restored catalog which I synced missing images into. This marks a great spot for me to reassess my complete lightroom management and workflow. My current catalog has 500,000+ images spanning over 10 years. The majority of the images are from the...
  2. Dean0178

    Pausing Smart Collections

    So, I've read up on a few workflows (including Workflow smart collections – John Beardsworth) and come up with a system that seems to work pretty good so far. It seems all good on paper, rather... but, I'm a little confused by maybe the intended usage of some of the smart collections. A "No...
  3. S

    Exported LR Catalog - Not saving back from PS to LR

    Hi All, Anyone have a similar experience with an exported LR catalog? I'm doing my edits in PS and saving, but my edits are not saving back to LR. Other catalogs work fine. Corrupted catalog perhaps? I'm on 2015.7 cc
  4. M

    Started Traveling. Catalog Dilemma

    Hello all, Recently I have started traveling more frequently than I am used to, for various projects, some weeks a daily basis (4+ hours in the car) or weekly basis (out for 3-4 days, back for 2-3 days) All my pictures/folders reside on my Synology. My catalog sits on my macbook pro. I...
  5. Michael Bateman

    Best Practices for NAS Centric Workflow?

    Lightroom Catalogs have to be on a local volume of course. But referenced images can go on a network drive, which is perfect when you have a lot of RAW images, etc. For my part, I sometimes run into trouble because the volume always gets mounted as "home" or "home-1" etc. which can be a problem...
  6. G

    Need help with student critique workflow

    We have been using Lightroom CC to critique my students' images by importing each card and then working in the Develop Module to try different cropping, exposure, etc. As files have gotten larger, the import/copy process has become too long for each card. We would like to use the Add option, but...
  7. D

    Workflow Thoughts? Your input greatly appreciated.

    Background: Keywording and organizing approx. 7000 photos represents the 2nd half of a project I started years ago where I began and completed scanning my family slide collection. My goal is to provide the photos to my family members (of varying technical ability) on a USB key and online where...
  8. allen-c

    2 people 2 PCs 2 LRs 1 PS workflow...?

    My spouse has LR 5 and a laptop. I have LR+PS CC. Honest, it's not a sexist setup, it's just that she likes taking photos but doesn't like processing them. I wonder what would be the best way to get this to work? Maybe she takes photos, imports them, exports them as a catalogue, I open the...