1. B


    Hi! I hope someone can help. This issue just started this week. When I export the images, they're perfect. I save them in another file when exporting. When I go back into export to look in the saved file, the images look desaturated like this. But the images from all the other sessions from last...
  2. Joaquim Homrighausen

    LR 5.7x can no longer import images

    So on one computer running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, I have an older version of LR installed (5.7x) that I use sometimes to quickly go through images before editing. I have never had an issue with this until today. I can move around the program without any problems. I can move around in the...
  3. N

    LR CC massive slow down on W10

    I just upgraded from W7 to W10 and LR CC became extremely slow. I ran a search about it but all results are from last year. I have no idea why exporting became so insanely slow. Building previews too, clicking on settings and changing them adds seconds until you see the result. Use graphics...