1. K

    Catalogs Using the same lightroom catalog on windows and mac?

    I have the latest lighroom classic installed on a windows and a mac laptop. I have a catalog created from windows, stored on an external ssd. I am not able to open this catalog from a mac laptop, saying it is a 'network volume or a volume lightroom can not save changes to'. I am also not able...
  2. J

    A Solution: "Connecting to Dynamic Link server failed" (Windows)

    Bottom line up front: Re-installing Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2012 Update 4 solved this issue for me. It must be this specific version of the runtime. Details: Read the steps below carefully as I doubt this solution will work for all variants of this error condition. For example, many...
  3. Reddwarf4ever

    Need to add date picture taken to JPGs need best option

    Hello many of my JPGs don’t have the date picture taken, I found a program to do this for me, with an incremental time stamp. But if I change the date in the Source files, I don’t think Lightroom will know unless I read the Metadata. If I change the published files, they could be overwritten...
  4. C

    how to see preserved filenames after exporting to Windows

    After exporting to jpg, how can a user see the preserved filename in Windows? If I open the exported file in Bridge the preserved filename is there, so I’m assuming it’s bound to the file.
  5. MuchFun

    LR on MacBook and Win PC - how to set up folder paths ?

    Hi there, I am using LR Classic on a MacBook Pro and a Windows 10 Desktop. I sync the LR catalogue using Resilio Sync ( BitTorrent follow up) between them and I am using only one machine at a time. My pictures are stored on a NAS. As the folder structure on OS X is different to Windows, my...
  6. braver

    Slow to change images with huge local storage on Windows

    I'm s huge fan of fast local and offline access to all my photos in Lr CC so always try to store all the albums locally. On the iPad Pro I manually store every album locally, and with the 1 TB storage I've been able to store all 380K photos. The albums switch at once and photos come up faster...
  7. K

    New CPU for 7-year old PC?

    Operating System:Win7 Pro 64 bit Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 2015.12, build 1125239 I hope I posted this in the correct forum. I don't see a forum specifically for hardware, so I posted in the forum for the version of LR I'm using. I built my rig back in 2011 — LONG...
  8. Sergey

    Which Drive should Lightroom be installed ?

    Hello Friends ! first post here ) I just got my new system from Cyberpower , I have chosen 500Gb M2 solid state drive as fastest drive for the Lightroom and a 2Tb regular Hard drive for storage , also I have 250Gb SSD that came free with a purchase of the 2Tb drive . Cyberpower installed the...
  9. Win

    Laptop Recommendations - PC

    I get to order a new computer for my work and I need it to be beefy enough to run Photoshop well. I also need it to be a laptop and a PC (not a Mac). I would love input on what brands, types, and minimum specifications I should be requesting so as to have a computer that will be powerful enough...
  10. emi eden

    choosing a laptop for travel

    Hi all, I wonder if someone could please help me with regards to choosing a budget laptop for travel (india) and Lightroom. Unfortunately I have 5 days to find one and have it sent (my previous laptop broken), and I am also at this point unable to afford a Mac. I found an Asus for 329 which had...
  11. W

    Transitioning LR library from mac to windows

    I'm in the transition from Mac to Windows and have a quick question about making the transition seamlessly First some quick background: - My files are stored on an external drive (same location/structure as when managing my library on Mac) - I copied my LR library file from the Mac to the PC...