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  1. A

    Relocating the entire Lightroom 6.14 system to a different local disk

    Greetings: I'm new to this forum and joined this group because google seems to bring up many answers to Lightroom 6 issues. Here is what I want to accomplish, what I've done thus far and what didn't work. 1. Why do I want to duplicate (not move) my complete and total Lightroom system to a...
  2. T

    Import LR 10 & 11 and Windows 10: problem with PC memory management?

    Has somebody the same problem and knows what to do? I have it with LR classic 10 and now and worse with LR 11 (MS Windows 10). My PC has a AMD 24 core cpu and 128GB ram. I import raw files - e.g. more than 150 - and let LR create 1:1 previews simultaneously. During the import and especially...
  3. Gerry G

    Lightroom and Huion Kamvas 16Pro Graphics Tablet

    Hello all, this is my first post for this subject. I have a 2 monitor setup on a WIndows 10 PC the main monitor is an LG 34” curved display and the other is the Huion KAMVAS 16 pro. I am trying to do all the work in Lightroom on the 16” KAMVAS display. the problem I have is with drag and...
  4. Suzanne015

    LR CC in Windows, sharing with Mac

    I'm just on the edge of purchasing a powerful Windows 10 computer. BUT....I currently do most of my work on an iMac...the LR is downloaded onto this, but all the photos it accesses are saved on an external hard drive. Occasionally, when I travel, I take my laptop with and use the same EHD. My...
  5. U

    LR 6.14 and Win10 consorting to erase my original files on Import?

    I placed the files from my wife's SD on my desktop in order to save her pictures somewhere so I could erase her full SD card for her and she could go out shooting immediately. So today when I went to import those saved files to LR I went through the usual procedures; I set the source file to my...
  6. braver

    Slow to change images with huge local storage on Windows

    I'm s huge fan of fast local and offline access to all my photos in Lr CC so always try to store all the albums locally. On the iPad Pro I manually store every album locally, and with the 1 TB storage I've been able to store all 380K photos. The albums switch at once and photos come up faster...
  7. S

    Synch camera roll across iphone/ipad and lightroom

    I am a new user to lightroom cc trying to figure out my new workflow. I usually import all of my photos on a PC (windows 10), that I backup in dropbox. I also backup my iphone photos in icloud. I can't figure out how to keep my photos in synch across the camera roll and lightroom cc. I have...
  8. N

    Corrupt Catalog, Unable to Repair - Windows10

    Hi All, I've been having consistent Lightroom problems since installing Windows10 earlier in the year. Sometimes I turn on my computer, open Lightroom and receive the following message: "the lightroom catalog... is corrupted and cannot be used or backed up..." I tried to repair it without luck...
  9. George Burrows

    Sharing LR Classic CC Laptop w/ PC Issues

    Operating System: Window 10 64 bit Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC Last year I finally went to CC. I want to put Lightroom Classic CC on my Dell XPS 15 and share the photos with my PC. It looks like I have to use Lightroom CC and the cloud? I use Nik...
  10. J

    Library module Missing photos in collections

    Operating System: Windows 10 - Business Edition Lightroom Classic version 7.1 I have a collection that I've had since 2012, in that collection are 20 sub collections. I went to look into these today because I needed certain images and all but 6 subcollections are empty they have a count of 0...
  11. P

    Import getting started again

    Operating System: windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Lr I have just had to uninstall everything because of changing to windows 10. What do I do now to get all my pix into LR?
  12. M

    Can I install LR Classic CC and keep my current LR6 CC?

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom version: CC 2015.12 [ 1125239 ] I'd like to evaluate/test LR Classic CC on a small catalog before doing a full conversion. Is it possible to run both versions on my laptop? It doesn't have to be...
  13. JakeEgbert

    Windows 10 Creators Update cut import speed to 1/5th speed or worse

    Operating System:Windows 10 Lightroom Version: 6.1 / CC 2015.1 (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: Windows 10 Creators update installed automatically last week on my HP Envy laptop. Among the many problems I'm...
  14. b0red

    Windows 10 lightroom wont start

    Operating System: Windows 10 Lightroom Version: can't check. When I try to run lightroom cc classic it won't start. No splashscreen or anything. I can see the lightroom.exe in WIndows process explorer, but the program wont run. Photoshop starts with no trouble what so ever. Things I've tried...
  15. M

    Lightroom CC Unable to launch default email program

    Lightroom CC has always been able to email directly to Outlook 2007. Suddenly I am receiving the message, "Unable to launch default email program."
  16. mayhsiu

    copyright symbol, windows 10, no numeric keypad laptop

    Hi, I just got a new Dell laptop without numeric keypad running Windows 10, and I am having a hard time adding the copyright symbol. I tried both the ALT + 169 and ALT + 0169 (this one is what works on my desktop) using the number keys on the top row of the keyboard) and it just beeps. Please...
  17. W

    Transitioning LR library from mac to windows

    I'm in the transition from Mac to Windows and have a quick question about making the transition seamlessly First some quick background: - My files are stored on an external drive (same location/structure as when managing my library on Mac) - I copied my LR library file from the Mac to the PC...
  18. K

    Printing problem since upgrading to Windows Anniversary Edition (build 14393.187)

    Since doing the above I get a heavy magenta cast when printing from Lightroom 6.7 (though everything looks fine in both Library and Develop modules). I had no problems before the upgrade to Anniversary Edition. The problem occurs on my old Epson photo 1290 (which I use for A3 prints) and also...
  19. Don N.

    Extremely slow startup with Win10 anniversary update (over 2 minutes)

    Hi all, I just updated Win10 to the anniversary update, and it now takes over 2 minutes to start LIghtroom from the time the splash screen first appears to when it disappears, whereas before the update, it took only 10-15 seconds. I'm running a reasonably fast computer, with 16Gb, I7 processor...
  20. A

    Lightroom CC running very slow on new Laptop

    I just upgraded to a new Lenovo PC with maxed out specs: 64GB RAM 2.8Gz Xeon Processor Intel Graphics card SSD operating hard drive - with OS, Lightoom catalog, etc. 2TB second internal hard drive for my RAW files and Lightroom cache Windows 10 64bit I expected everything to FLY on the new...
  21. B

    Using LR CC.6 with Windows 10 "and" MacBook Pro

    I have always used a PC (now with Windows 10); but I recently purchased a MacBook Pro. and want to use my LR catalog on both computers. I keep my LR catalog on external drives. I would really appreciate help in figuring out how to use both systems. I purchased the MacBook Pro for travel; but I...
  22. T

    Windows 10 install and LR lens ID

    After installing W10, lenses that were previously correctly identified, were identified as "unknown lens" (Nikon 28-300 and Tamron 150-600). In Develop module "Lens Corrections", the Nikon was automatically chosen and I could choose the Tamron from a list. They still showed up as unknown lens...