white balance

  1. N

    Red cast in Develop module when importing

    Hi- I have been using the subscription version of LR for more than two years - this issue developed yesterday. On importing a raw unedited image from the hard drive the image in the library module has the same white balance as the image viewed outside LR but when switching to the develop module...
  2. jjlad

    Is Auto White Balance pushing things too far?

    I've been using Auto White Balance on many photos recently in order to get a better starting point. My Nikon D7200 seems to record a bit too low in daylight but I leave it on Auto due to a wide variety of lighting conditions. Here's an example of where the original is a little blue (to my eye...
  3. S

    Auto White Balance for Nikon Z series

    I always use the auto white balance to have a starting point. I'm precessing images from a garden and in 70 or 80 %, it changes from around 5000 to 7500. And the result is verry yellow/orange. I have the impression that it's more the case with files from the Z6 tahen from my D800. Does...
  4. M

    Matching White Balance Across Images

    How can I use LR to average the WB across bracketed images that have differing light conditions? Cheers
  5. jposada01

    Shift White Balance

    Good morning, everyone. I find that when I use the White Balance eyedropper, the temp/tint results are consistently a little "colder" than I would like. Is there a way of adjusting how it reads the white balance to be consistently a couple of notches warmer?
  6. illbird

    Beginner here, first post, editing question!

    Hey guys, Its my first post here, I'm only recently getting into photography, and specifically drone photography. I was wondering how you remove the white fade at the top of the photo.
  7. P

    Using the paint brush. Dodging not color balanced.

    I use LR for product photography. I color balance during the initial processing. If I need to dodge, the brush will paint a warm orangish tone when all the other sliders are at 0 into the area. A recent development. Any ideas?
  8. nIkedoni1a

    How do I Sync white balance for before and after images?

    I am a dermatologist and we take before and after photos of patients. The after pictures often have a different hue due to white balance. I haven't had much success playing with the sliders in the basic panel and haven't figured out if I can view both images side by side like you can in the...