web galleries

  1. J

    Creating a 'structured' Web Gallery based on many folders each containing photos

    I recently needed to photograph the interior of a 44 bedroom hotel. I took pictures (100's) from various rooms and locations over several floors and now wish to create a web gallery so that visitors can see using floor plans where I was standing whilst I took those photographs. I've split all...
  2. R

    Allow Download from Web Gallery created in LR Classic

    I'm using the desktop LR Classic CC. I'd like to allow downloads of images from Web Galleries. I've tried Googling on this and am not finding much. It seems there are ways to activate this using LR mobile (but Im not using that program, I prefer the desktop). If there is no way to turn it on...
  3. redrex

    Responsive Base Gallery for Lightroom Web Module

    Hi! Over the last year I've been working on an update to my original Base Web Gallery for Lightroom, it now works with a responsive framework so it works great on any device. It also features; AngularJS and bootstrap frameworks Checkout by email - allows client approval, client orders or a shop...
  4. theturninggate

    BACKLIGHT : A Web Publishing Suite for Lightroom Users

    BACKLIGHT allows photographers to create a website in mere minutes, then to be publishing image galleries via Lightroom's Publish Services immediately. Literally, go from install to images in minutes. Backlight is created by The Turning Gate (TTG), creators of Lightroom's most popular and...