1. P

    Watermark issues/changes

    I thik this issue happened with the latest upgrade, but i am not sure. I had watermarks set up so that they printed on the image when I exported the image. The watermark was a text watermark, with an italicized font (Garamond, I believe), some transparency. Now when i try to export an image...
  2. Kit Zare

    Personalized Identity plate PNG pixelated,blurry

    Frustrated. (moan, gripe, etc.). Been down a rabbit hole for over an hour and as I recall I tried a while back and threw my hands up in annoyance. I'm sure it's OE but I can not seem to figure it out even after watching videos and reading the book. Setting up the Identity Plate and it appears...
  3. Dave Noble

    Lightroom Cloud based - Watermarks?

    I realize from sleuthing on this site and elsewhere that the cloud based (Windows 10 desktop) Lightroom does not have the capability to insert a watermark on images to be exported, as it is available in Lightroom CC for example. Would there be any presets or other quick fixes that I could...
  4. A

    Export keywords as watermark

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out a way to have my keyword show up on the picture like a water mark. This would happen upon export to jpg. Any ideas? Hoping to have it look like this in the end.
  5. Y

    Watermark with consistent logo but varying text

    Hello, What would be the best way to export images so that there is a watermark at bottom-right which is my logo (which is text, but uploaded to LR as an image file) and then be able to add additional text - say bottom left - so that I can credit other contributors who worked on the image? In...
  6. R

    Publish Services WaterMark not getting displayed when Publishing to Facebook and Flickr from LR 6.0

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR 6.0 Hi, Is anyone facing this issue as me? Whenever I publish photos to Facebook and Flickr from Lightroom 6.0, even though I have water mark selected, watermark does not appear in Facebook or Flickr. This was...
  7. A

    Lightroom Mobile Watermarks

    Mobile Operating System: iOS / Android Desktop Operating System: Mac Desktop Lightroom Version: Lightroom Classic Question or Description of Problem: I’m reading a lot about the latest release but I haven’t come across anything regarding the ability to add a watermark via the lightroom...
  8. K

    Applying non-text watermark in LR 5.x?

    Is there an easy way to apply graphics watermark when exporting photos in LR 5.x? My backup plan is to create a photoshop action for it, but would like to do it in LR if possible.
  9. K

    Watermark Option - Non Clickable

    When I go to File>Export and go to click the watermark box, it's not clickable. I've never had this issue before and can't figure out how to rectify it. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  10. A

    Different Watermarks for 2 Photos

    Hi, I'm trying to use the Print module (and the LR templates) to create the following: I want 2 different photos to have 2 different watermarks (for example Alaska and Hawaii). I'm trying to use the Custom (2) 4x6 template for either making a print or saving as a jpeg file for other purposes...