1. N

    Wacom pen settings - possible to do brush size (and feather amount)?

    I'm new to Wacom having just acquired a lightly-used very basic CTL-4100 (it does have 4 ExpressKeys on the top). In Photoshop I can set a pen button to Ctrl+Alt+R click that allows me to adjust brush size (move the pen L-R) and adjust the opacity (move the pen Up-Down). Very nice. With LrC...
  2. P

    Some comments on installing a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet (for a Windows 10 system).

    I just finished installing my new tablet on both a desktop and a laptop. Here is what I learned, so I want to pass along this experience. My systems run Windows 10. You really do to pair the tablet as a Bluetooth device BEFORE installing the Wacom driver program. You can only work with one...
  3. B

    Using Wacom tablet on crop tool with LR Classic

    I'm a keen user of a Wacom tablet with both LR and PS and keep seeing an annoying effect in LR Classic with the crop tool. I can use the pen to move sliders without much issue (you always need to be careful to lift the pen vertically away from the tablet when you have finished the move), but...
  4. Andie

    Wacom tablet

    Bought a wacom pen and touch. Been using it with some success but today when I was painting a large area of sky (adj brush/tool) it kept kicking me off the image and a small file looking icon briefly popped up saying eithet forward or back. When I returned to the image, my most recent...
  5. Nige'

    Tutorials/Tips for Wacom Intuos Pro

    Hey All First post in here ... be gentle! :whistling: I'm pretty new to LR and now new to Wacom Intuous Pro [the latter literally new, out of the box this morning]. I've had a bit of trawl around the interwebs for best set-up for the Wacom [specifically for LR - which might be different to...
  6. S

    Scrolling with Wacom tablet has stopped working in Grid view

    I use a Wacom tablet and use two fingers to scroll up and down in all my applications. It was working fine in LR Grid View until the last update. It still works in the panels on the side. Any suggestions? This is driving me batty! Susan
  7. C

    app specific Radial Menus for Wacom Intuos Pro?

    I just got a Wacom Intuos Pro and I'm trying to determine if it's possible to setup app specific Radial Menus for LR and Photoshop so when I'm in LR key assignments make sense with LR and when I'm in PS the table uses a different set of key assignmements. I've looked at the Wacom help and...
  8. P

    Wacom tablet vs. Midi contoller

    Assuming that you can get only one of these two devices, which is preferred for Lightroom? why? What additional considerations are there for Photoshop? Assuming that you had one of these devices and a "normal" mouse, would you still need additional devices? (Is this shading off into a...