virtual copies

  1. AlexBreugelmans

    Lightroom "Cloud" and Local Storage: possibility for virtual copies

    Hello, I'm migrating to the (for me) more interesting version of Lightroom, being "Lightroom" instead of "LightroomC - Classic/Desktop" (all those names). I am very happy with the inclusion of the Local Storage feature. Althought still missing some features, I'm sure these will come thru with...
  2. Birdbrain186

    How to "bulk delete" stacked virtual copies ?

    I accidentally messed up the keywording for a folder of several thousand pictures for my only visit to a particular country. I decided the best way to rectify this was to delete keywords from all of the photos(some had incorrect keywords attached but I didn't know how many or which pictures –...
  3. retina

    Library module Batch rename virtual copy, copy names.

    Hi, I have a question regarding virtual copies. I know that it's possible to manually change the 'copy name' in the Metadata field for individual files, but is it possible to do this using the batch rename option for multiple files? I can do it easily enough on export or publish with a template...
  4. V

    Best way to compare alternative develop settings for a single photo

    I upgraded from LR 5.7.1 to LrC a few months ago when I got a camera not supported by 5.7.1. For the most part I've continued to use the same workflow as I did with 5..7.1, but after following some of the threads in this forum I want to start experimenting with the newer features in LrC (e.g...
  5. Jim Lancaster

    Is there any way to change the Capture Date on a virtual copy?

    I've imported scanned photos and edited them, then used the EXIF plug-in to change the capture date and move the photos to their correct folders. However, I did this after I had already created virtual copies from a number of them. The EXIF plug-in didn't change the date of the virtual copies...
  6. pedz

    "Naming" a virtual copy

    Instagram (to use a specific example) has a preferred aspect ratio which I rarely use except for Instagram posts. So, I make a virtual copy, resize, and post. Fine. It would be cool if I could "name" the copy. I predict everyone here knew this except me but it turns out that you can add...
  7. R

    Warning before deleting master of virtual copies?

    If I have created virtual copies of an image and later try to delete the master image, it seems that Lightroom should warn me that virtual copies are dependent upon this master. But I can easily delete the master and wipe out all the virtual copies without warning. Is there a setting to...
  8. B

    Virtual copies and migrating to Lightroom (cloud-based)

    Hi guys, Happy to have found this forum. My name is Jay, and I have been using Lightroom Classic on Windows 10 for many years now for private purposes. I have done a bit of research, and I think it's time for me to completely migrate to the product that is now called "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom"...
  9. M

    Lightroom CC to Classic Desktop

    Hi, Fairly new here and I owe this group for maintaining progress with LR. Newb Question is: I initially uploaded all my photos to CC 45k photos. I installed classic on desktop. If I turn on syncing is classic going to download copies of all those photos onto my hard drive? I don't want to...
  10. Paul_DS256

    Virtual Copies - Naming and Managing in Stacks

    So, two questions that I can find a quick answer to. I have a HDR DNG file stacked with the original NEF files. I wanted to try something on the DNG so created a virtual copy but it put it in the stack. A bit confusing so I took the VC out of the stack. Question - Is there someway to prevent...
  11. hhandersen

    I have messed it up (migration from Classic to Cloud)

    Hi all, I have messed it up! Didn't do as the good recommendations in the book and on this site. Thought I was smarter ... I wasn't. I wanted to take the migration slow, so I thought: I'll export a year at a time to another lightroom classic catalog and the migrate that exported catalog while...
  12. S

    filter virtual copies and its master.

    Hi, Is there a way to filter virtual copies along with their masters ? After editing a bunch of pictures I flag the keepers and usually filter and delete the unflagged ones. Sometimes I forget to flag the master as well as the virtual copy so I have to be very careful not to delete the...
  13. D

    Select master file starting from virtual copy selection

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to make a selection of all the master files in a folder starting from a selection of some virtual copies. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance!
  14. Ken Udle

    Reducing clutter with stacks

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I created a smart collection to gather photos with a specific keyword. I only want to work on virtual copies, so I created a regular collection for all the virtual copies. I tried to use the stack options (including auto-stack) in the SmartCollection, just to reduce...
  15. David PZ

    Virtual Copy Confusion

    I used to create virtual copies everywhere, thinking that it's good to "safeguard" the master copy. I ended up losing track of them — sometimes I edited one virtual copy in one file, I saw the changes in the VC in another file, but sometimes not. Perhaps that was a VC of the VC? Anyway, I went...
  16. D

    Lightroom not reading XMP?

    I moved a number of files, including the XMP files. I am now missing collection, virtual copy, and other data that should have traveled with the XMP file. I just cannot get LR to properly read the XMP files. Any ideas? I've tried synchronizing the folder, but it doesn't help.
  17. XavierB

    Is there no way to set multiple copies as masters at once?

    Hello! Great source of info, this forum! My name is Xavier, and this is my first thread... I hope I do well! This is the issue: Recently I had to restore an older catalog in LR 6.1 and now have VCs for around 2000 images recently edited. What I now want to do is set all the VCs (that is, the...