1. J

    Viewing Videos in Lightroom

    Realizing Lightroom is "learning challenged" when it comes to videos, is there a way to view the videos (.MOV) full screen on a Mac? I use Lightroom to store and catalog videos, they play fine in the small window, but when I hit the F key for full screen, all I get is the still image. Any...
  2. H

    Library module "dotted arrows" and missing links to video files

    Hi, I've recently noticed that nearly all my videos (and a few of my photos) have a dotted arrow. The video files don't open in Lightroom. I can view them when I open them outside Lightroom (eg. in QuickTime player). Thanks in advance for some guidance.
  3. Stephanie Booth

    videos that can't be read in Lightroom

    Me again -- this adventure moving back to Lightroom has turned into a maze of rabbit holes. A large number of my videos are now unreadable in LR: There is no thumbnail, and I can't open them. If I go to the file in Finder, I can read them with Quicktime. Any idea how to fix this?