1. B

    Video Import Problems: Unknown Error Occurred

    I had a bunch (18 to be precise) of Pixel 5 Video files in one batch that didn't import. Hadn't occurred before. The error file showed the 18 files like this: An unknown error occurred while reading the video file. (18) D:\Pictures\2023\230630-P5\PXL_20230603_001625775.mp4 6...
  2. Califdan

    LrC still mangling dates on video's from Sony

    This was discussed here earlier with the OP just looking for a way to correct the dates. But, in anticipation of submitting another bug report I'd like to know if others are still seeing this problem. First, I do not have this problem with my Canon DSLR's, but do with with Sony A7R5. Shot...
  3. S

    How to remove video from Cloud only in LR Classic?

    Hi, With any photo in your LR Classic catalog, which has arrived via the cloud, you can use the "Remove from All Synced Photographs" option to remove the photo from the cloud but still retained the file in your local catalog. How to do this with video files? I note that the video files that...
  4. dfkotz

    Video - filter by size/resolution

    The 'Library' module in LR has great tools for filtering the set of thumbnails one sees in Grid mode – Text, Attribute, Metadata, etc. I'm looking for a way to filter videos by resolution (480p, 1080p, etc). LR knows the "dimension" of video files (e.g., 640x480) but I don't see any...
  5. K

    Catalogs Using LR to organize video clips?

    I have a few thousand video clips from various sources such as DSLR, go pro etc. I tried using bridge to organize but find its takes too long to load and the keywording tool too hard to use. I m wondering if lightroom classic will be a good option and if there are any things to look out for?
  6. C

    Copying GPS data from one video file to another

    I'm trying to figure out from where LrC pulls GPS data. I often use iMovie to edit videos, and iMovie strips off lots of metadata, including location info, and also sets the date & time info to the time that the video is exported from iMovie (this actually makes sense, because often one is...
  7. S

    Library module Error with video (cannot play)

    Since few days ago, I have now unable to play any video file in the Library module. I can "see" them in the Grid view, but as soon as in go in Loupe it gets stuck and remains grey. Files are .MOV and I can open them in QuickTime. See example in screenshot below. Can anyone help me? Thanks in...
  8. T

    Photos without a date - problem with auto-import of video, screenshots etc through LR Mobile

    Hi - I'm a long-time reader of this forum, which has excellent advice, so thank you! I've come across what seems to be a potential bug today. I use the LR mobile (Android) to auto-import both photos and videos from my phone to LR Classic on a Windows PC, so they sit alongside photos taken on...
  9. C

    Video export stops prematurely

    I posted the same problem more than 3 years ago when I was using Lightroom version: CC 2015.10 [ 1111918 ] . I don't do many video exports. Same thing is happening now. Trying to export 13 small (largest 16MB) video files. LR 9.3 exports 7 of the 13 and then quits. LR still says...
  10. C

    LR 6.14 issues when Importing video files (NOT HEVC) from iPhone 8

    Hi, This is NOT a question about HEVC. At first I was trying to import HEVC files but I have learned that is not possible so now I save videos on my phone as "Most Compatible Format." The .mov video files are coming from iPhone 8 into LR 6.14 on a Mac 10.13.6 I am able to import a few videos...
  11. S

    Import from hard drive to new destination

    I am trying to separate out video files to a different folder within windows explorer but with the same year and date structure as I have within my existing folders in explorer and lightroom. I hoped to be able to use Lightroom import for this? I’ve selected the hard drive I want to import...
  12. I

    Force build video thumbnail previews

    Hello all, is there a way to force build all the video previews for a catalog without going scrubbing over every thumbnail? Also, are the video thumbnail previews stored in the Previews.lrdata container? I am asking because I have a separate catalog for video that I would like to copy from...
  13. A

    Importing Videos - Connecting to Dynamic Link server failed error

    Any ideas how I can import iPhone 7 and Nikon D500 videos? When I import I get this Connecting to Dynamic Link server failed error and the videos won't import. I am running the latest as of tonight. Just updated. I have rebooted my Windows 10 v 1809 build. The videos will play on my desktop...
  14. U

    Slideshow export MP4 blurry

    Hi everyone, I have the following problem: My slideshows look very good when I play them in the Slideshow module. When I export them as mp4 1080p they are noisy and blurred. That's only since I switched to LR Classic CC, under LR6 everything was fine. Does anyone have an idea? Best, Uwe
  15. pedz

    Adding side car files

    I'm piddling with video more and more. Here is today's problem / question. I have an Osmo Pocket that takes videos and puts out MP4 files. I also have a Ninja V HDMI recorder that puts out MOV files. Both of these LR will pull in but in both cases, it says they are "Unknown Camera". I...
  16. K

    Lightroom won't recognize iPhone video

    I want to import iPhone video to Lightroom, but it won't recognize it. People talk about iPhone video in LR, but nobody mentions how to convert the .mov file (iPhone) to something LR can read. Do I have to break down and buy dedicated software that converts .mov files?
  17. C

    Library module Wrong date picked up renaming video files - with workaround

    After importing images & videos, I use the LR internal rename process to prepend the date to the file name. For still images, the date that LR uses for the prepend is the date the image was taken, which is what I want. For videos this isn't the case. Look at the screenshot below. Notice that...
  18. S

    convert obsolete video and preserve keywords

    Operating System:Win 8 Home premium Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 5.7.1 PROBLEM: Old video entries (in obsolete MOV format) have keywords associated with them. I want to import new versions of those videos ( transcoded to MP4 format) and attach the keywords to those new...
  19. Kirby Krieger

    Library module Keyboard shortcuts for moving video on frame?

    Operating System: 10.13.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.1 [ 1148620 ] Is there a way — or any way to create — keychords (keyboard shortcuts) or mouse/trackpad/scrolling that will advance/retract video frame-by-frame? The only way I have been able to move frame-by-frame...
  20. D

    Which Video Editing software

    Total newbie to video editing. I'm going to start transferring all my old home video tapes to digital then edit them and produce DVDs etc for my extended family. I've got analog 8 tapes and MiniDV tapes for two different cameras and think I've sorted how to get them on the computer (using an...
  21. C

    Video export usually stops after first of multiple files

    I've had this problem for quite a while and finally decided to contact Adobe about it. I don't often export video but when I do and I'm exporting multiple video files the export will stop sometime after the exporting the first file successfully. If I cancel the export and retry what didn't...
  22. O

    Is there a way to search videos by their duration?

    Hi, I am new to Lightroom. I just made the move from Aperture. I am wondering wether there is a way to search videos by their duration. I'd like to get rid of all my videos that are 3 seconds or shorter. I could do that in Aperture via a smart album, but in Lightroom I can't seem to find a way...
  23. M

    LR CC won't import video OR play a slideshow

    I've searched the forums for problems similar to mine, but nothing seems to help. Lightroom CC fails to import new videos (from either Canon or iPhone files) or play old ones. The transport controls are missing in the second case. So far as slideshow goes, I get the "Dynamic Link Media Server...
  24. L

    Choppy Video Playback

    I'm using the latest version of LR CC on an early 2009 MacBook Pro. Last week I installed a new SSD drive and everything is amazingly fast now. But the one thing that did not improve for me is video playback in LR. If it does anything at all it plays the first two seconds with sound and picture...
  25. K

    Using lightroom to manage 4k videos

    I use lightroom 5 as a library tool to keep track of my photo and video clip collections and perform basic editings (mostly cutting). Most clips are no more than 30 seconds long. I run lightroom on laptop so that I manage my media at home or on the road. So far I am happy with this workflow...