1. K

    Problems with import (LR5)

    I have a big issue with my LR. All of the sudden, after today's optimizing the LR (weekly backup) I started having problems with import. I can see the files prior to import once I put the card into the cardreader but when I press import only "empty windows" load and LR freezes upon building...
  2. M

    Uploading catalog

    What is the secret recipe for uploading a catalog — after three failed attempts. I had a computer crash, worked on a temporary computer, edited files, exported the catalog, thought I followed adobes instructions for uploading and failed. LR savvy enough to recognize file names and EXIF info...
  3. J

    "Can't update this collection"

    I'm exporting photos to Flickr, and rather suddenly I'm often getting the message from Lightroom "Can't update this collection". The photo then appears in Flickr, but it's still in the "New Photos to Publish" in Lightroom. This is a problem because if I later modify the photo and repost to...
  4. Jackie kramer

    Error Codes Encountered trying to Load Latest CC Version of LR & Ps

    Can anyone advise on this? I'm afraid to delete my existing catalog. This was the error code I received on Lr: U44M1I208 Thank you!! Jackie