1. D

    Lightroom 4.0 to 6.0 upgrade?

    Hi LR Friends, I currently have Lightroom 4.0 and would like to upgrade to Lightroom 6.0 to take advantage of the facial recognition features. Is it possible to upgrade or purchase LR 6.0 or just purchase LR 6.0? I don't want to go to the cloud. I did find the LR 6 download, but cannot find...
  2. H

    help needed moving LR to a new iMac

    I ran into a problem moving LR to a new iMac and would welcome any suggestions. I just joined LRQ have been using the guide for moving to a new computer (thanks - it is a great guide). Environments Old - everything LR related works (w slow performance) iMac 21.5 2017, 8 GB MacOS -...
  3. kearneyimages

    Hard Drive Upgrade Advice

    Hi, I am currently storing all my images on a WD 3TB 5400rpm drive. I am finding LR performance slow and I need to upgrade this drive as it’s 5 years old. I am looking at the WD Black Performance Drive and am wondering if this is a good upgrade and would make any performance improvements? My...
  4. J

    Lightroom forced update to catalog, now 3 years are missing

    Hey folks, I'm a bit of a novice to how LR catalogs stuff, but, today, LR forced me to Upgrade my catalog...upon doing so, the most recent photo is 3 years old. Not sure why they want to give me a panic attack, but, thanks LR. So, the new catalog is named "Catalog 4". I tried finding the last...
  5. J

    Evolution from LR4.1 to Classic on New Computer

    This will be old stuff for most of you, and I have re-read Victoria's old member messages about the "End of Perpetual Licenses" disaster. I'm currently running LR 4.4.1 on a Windows 7 machine that is soon to be retired. I have a new Windows 10 machine and would like to have a standalone...
  6. D

    Would a new IMAC help me?

    I have the opportunity to buy a use IMAC at a very good price. i'm currently on an older imac but don't know if the new one is going to give me enough performance increase. here's my specs: using LR CC Classic with 390,00 photos in one catalogue. i have the photos spread over 7 or 8 external...
  7. Oliver Vornberger

    Lightroom Classic CC version 8.0 per one time license fee ?

    I have LR 6.14 and would like to upgrad to Lightroom Classic CC version 8.0. Do I have to start a monthly subscription or is this possible with a one time license fee ?
  8. Paul B

    Another upgrade question!

    Hi Folks I’m considering moving from 6 Perpetual to 7 Classic on MacOS 10.13. Obviously I’d like to do this with a minimum of fuss and I have a few questions. I’d like to keep 6 for a while as a fallback. I have all application preferences, settings, presets, templates etc backed up. Q1 Does...
  9. Resoman

    Upgrade process

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): I'm trying to execute the latest upgrade and I have the usual problem: The dialog tells me to save my work, close LR, and click continue. But when I close LR, the dialog disappears. How do I get past this? Thanks, Gary
  10. Ron Emmons

    why don't my images appear?

    Operating System:OS X 10.13.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC It seems like many people I upgraded to Classic without realizing that would delete the previous version (2015) and now most of my images don't appear in the navigator. When I try to...
  11. T

    slow to the party

    Hi, I've been a Lightroom user since the beginning and developed my workflow over releases 1 - 5, buying or downloading perpetual licenses and with a disk copy of Adobe CS5.5 for integration with photoshop etc. Over the last few years i kind of stopped my learning curve, and got on with what i...
  12. Resoman

    How to upgrade LR CC?

    When I get a notice that an upgrade is available for LR CC, I go to Help, click on Upgrades and the dialog tells me to close LR and then click continue. The trouble is that when I close LR, the dialog disappears and I can't find it without reopening LR and going through the same routine. So...
  13. D

    Moving from LR6 Perpetual to the CC with PS rental package

    Advice please, I use lR6 standalone latest version and am considering the rental package. Presently I do not use lR properly, I have all my images (not a huge amount and not a pro) exported as Original RAW and TIFF (created in LR) to folders on external HDs. They are therefore safe. i.e. I have...
  14. J

    Moving from LR 6.12 to CC

    I have, somewhat reluctantly, decided to move over to LR CC from LR 6.12 on a Windows 10 system. I will also want to use LR Mobile on an Android phone. I recall that some people have reported having problems when they tried to do this and so I wondered if anyone has any tips that might minimise...
  15. M

    Web-browsing PC to Editing PC Upgrade

    Hello all, not sure if this is the right place for this but... A year ago I built my first PC and at the time I was only interested in web-browsing and YouTube etc with the occasional session on games like Shellshock Live, which aren't very intensive. I decided on an A10-7870k with 8GB of...
  16. Q

    Should I upgrade..?

    I've not been keeping up with Lightroom Forums or upgrades to the software lately. Just been using it really. So I understand this is a difficult question for you all to answer but here goes. I am running Windows 7 prof. I am pretty happy with my version LR 5.7. I am not at all keen on...
  17. braver

    Lr Mobile starts a Full Camera Roll Upload after iPhone Upgrade

    I've just upgraded to iPhone 7s from backup. Looking forward to using the 256GB to cache more photos locally! However, Lr Mobile started uploading the whole camera roll. I hope it will not lead to duplicates, but even having to wait for it to do a complete sync is a while. Do you guys see...
  18. K

    Printing problem since upgrading to Windows Anniversary Edition (build 14393.187)

    Since doing the above I get a heavy magenta cast when printing from Lightroom 6.7 (though everything looks fine in both Library and Develop modules). I had no problems before the upgrade to Anniversary Edition. The problem occurs on my old Epson photo 1290 (which I use for A3 prints) and also...
  19. J

    Missing previews, grey boxes in Grid since upgrade to latest LR CC

    Hi all, wondered whether anyone else has had these problems since upgrading CC LR and their catalogues? 1. LR suddenly can't seem to 'see' many of the RAWs it saw perfectly well before, posting the usual question marks or exclamations on the image thumbnail. Re-linking one doesn't fix the...
  20. D

    Migrate from LR 4.1 to LR 6

    Hello, I am using LR version 4.1 and I want to buy the latest version (not-CC version). LR 6 will be able to open my catalogs and preserve all information in develop module for edited photos? Is there anything important I need to know before I upgrade, or I can just install the new version...