1. Antonio Correia

    My LR doesn't import photos

    My LR doesn't 1. import photos :mad: 2. doesn't update the folders where the photos are :mad: 3. imports in one folder and then when I move the folder (inside LR, dragging), the photos are gone but moving them back they do appear ! :mad: 4. can't see the photos ! :mad: 5. stuck in the middle...
  2. L

    Catalog Failure after update to 12.4

    Changed to the latest version and got the message to upgrade the catalog (stored on onedrive - I know there are varying opinions on this). Following this had many problems all centred around catalog being corrupt. This culminated with lightroom failing to open. My getaround was to copy another...
  3. C

    Lightroom, masking function causes entire computer to freeze/hang

    I recently installed latest version of LR Classic 12.3 and today installed Microsoft system updates to version 22H2. Now, LR Classic opens normally and goes into edit mode hapily editing jpg file as expected until I select masking tool brush. After a few seconds the spinning disc appears then...
  4. M

    Lightroom for iOS October 2022 enhancement

    Adobe appear to have built in a useful little trip wire to help slow you down in the latest downgrade. Before, when accessing the UW camera on iPad Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, it didn’t matter that you had set the file format as DNG, as the UW lens, when selected, would also change the file...
  5. B

    LR freezes using some functions after WIN update

    Hi there, after the last WIN 11 Home update (22000.856) Lightroom Classic freezes completely, when I try using the Sync function or importing/saving the presets in the developement modul. Does someone have the same problems or is there something I can do to fix this? I'm not absolutely sure, if...
  6. oldsteveuk

    Cannot update to 11.3

    When I try to update to 11.3, the update looks OK until it gets to 98% . The "Working on it" message appears, but nothing changes. Today I left it at 98% for 20 minutes before cancelling. The program has now disappeared from my PC. When I go to Adobe I cannot download it (it is shown on...
  7. Edge of Alaska

    Updating Lr & Mac OS with Free Nik already installed

    I have Mac OS Mojave on my MacBook Pro and would like to update both my OS (to Big Sur or Monterey) and Lr (10.2) to the latest and greatest. Will my previously installed free version (from Google) of Nik collection continue to still work?
  8. R

    External drive showing twice since updating to 11

    Hello I have used this thread countless times for support, so first of all, THANK YOU! I've just noticed all my photos have the little exclamation point of doom on them, so I had a heart attack thinking I'd lost them. Upon closer inspection, since updating to v11, the folder view is showing a...
  9. J

    Can't Start LrC Update

    I'm currently using Lr 10.3 and want to update, but can't. Here's what has been happening: 1. I start LrC and get the message in 1st attachment. It looks ridiculous, but I think I know what it means and assume it's just poorly worded! 2. I go to Help>Updates and get the second message 3. I...
  10. C

    Portfolio update

    I'm having my first serious play with Portfolio. I'm creating a travel diary for a recent 2-week road trip with a web page for each day. On average, there are probably 30 images per page, 2 to 3 videos, and 6 to 7 text sections. Initially I started by sharing to Galleries, but this did not let...
  11. gegjr

    New Update to 10.4

    I haven't yet started the new update 10.4. Before I do can you tell me, please, if 10.4 will rename my catalog so I can be prepared? Thanks
  12. nIkedoni1a

    double arrows for syncing collections on LrC with Lr on iphone no longer present after update to ver. 10

    the name of my catalog before the version 10 update was "lightroom database-2-2-2-2.lrcat" i think a 2 was added everytime i updated but i'm not sure but that was the name and everything worked fine. since the ver. 10 update the little double arrows that allow you to choose to sync a collection...
  13. M

    Lightroom 6 desktop

    I'm using LR 6 desktop perpetual licence (version 6.14.) Reading notices , newsletters and posts it says that there is a current update? When I go to updates no update is available I have also called Adobe and I'm told No. Is there an update for my version? If Yes, how do i get it or where can i...
  14. DebS

    Upgrade to Lightroom Classic Nov 2019 did not find my catalog

    I updated Lightroom Classic today (Nov 23) and got the message about needing to update the catalog. I clicked okay and LR updated but it does not see any catalog! I cannot navigate to my hard drive or find any photos. Now I probably complicated matters because I found a Lightroom Queen...
  15. andrew.j.crouch

    New release hopefully sync problems are solved?

    Hi all, Just about to update to the new released update and hopefully it will solve the syncing problem that plagued the last update. I will report back when I've updated. Cheers, Andy
  16. T

    Can't update LR and PS on laptop

    Hi, I am a first time poster so please forgive me if I do it wrong. I am having trouble updating Lightroom and Photoshop on my mid 2012 15” MacBook Pro. When I selected Help/Updates in Lightroom, it took me to Creative Cloud and immediately began updating something, but did not tell me what it...
  17. S

    Update to LR Classic not showing

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic/LR CC 2015 I updated to LR Classic from LR CC 2015 five couple of days ago and all went well. First I couldn't find it, every time I opened LR it went into LR CC 2015. I sorted it out by pressing update...
  18. S

    Update Failed 6.0 to 6.14

    Operating System: Windows 10 Lightroom Version 6.0: Sorted thanks
  19. A

    Can't install LR 6.5.1

    I bought a Sony RX10Mk 3 and bought LR 6 (I have been using LR 4) to import the ARW files. According to what I read, I needed LR 6.5.1, so I updated to that. It is supposed to run on my Mac OS 10.8. After the update, when I try to open it, the message is Adobe Lightroom can't be opened because...
  20. Todd Zimmer

    Trouble updating to the latest LR 2015 CC

    I am trying to update but in the CC apps area LR says "up to date" and in LR under "help" System info" the version is: CC 2015 [1014445]. I've just purchased a Canon 5D IV. My Camera Raw CC is up to date and I can convert CR files to DNG and import into LR but would rather work more smoothly...
  21. frozenframe

    Another LR Update

    This morning LR and CR updated, so current version number is 2015.10.1, CR is 9.0.1 New features summary for the 2015 releases of Lightroom CC They fixed the annoying Edit in PS bug, advising about CR compatibility.
  22. mantra

    lens correction question ,lightroom cc 6.10

    hi i have not used lens correction for while , seeing i use a canon 5d mark 3 & 4 and some good lens like the 135L or the 200L and portraits but i have some shots taken with wilde and ultra wilde lenses and nikon gears i have the cc 6.10 and i run under w10 pro but is the lens correction...
  23. K

    How to read newer raw files using lightroom 5.x?

    I am running lightroom 5.3. I bought a point and shoot camera (panasonic gx85) and lightroom is not able to read the raw files. Is there a way to update my current version of lightroom to read these raw files? I am aware of the adobe dng convertor, but am hoping to keep the workflow simple if...
  24. guido.coza

    Griedview disabled since update

    Hi All Just updated my LR and I have no more grid view. I had 6.0 it updated to cc. Gridview does not highlight and I have a single frame in the window, doesn't matter wish module
  25. S

    Develop Module Pixelation Since Recent Update

    Hi, I waited quite a while to do the most recent CC update because I've had trouble with past ones. I updated about a month ago and of course, ever since when I'm in develop module my images pixelate to the point that it's hard to even tell what I'm doing. Here's a mild example of what happens...