1. Stephanie Booth

    Last batches of imported photos to LrC not syncing to cloud

    I have a batch of photos imported into LrC that are "stuck" syncing to the cloud. I've wandered through the forum looking at sync problem threads and tried a variety of troubleshooting steps, to no avail. Some background and what I tried. This is my usual workflow: import photos into LrC from...
  2. A

    Relocating the entire Lightroom 6.14 system to a different local disk

    Greetings: I'm new to this forum and joined this group because google seems to bring up many answers to Lightroom 6 issues. Here is what I want to accomplish, what I've done thus far and what didn't work. 1. Why do I want to duplicate (not move) my complete and total Lightroom system to a...
  3. J

    Using smart previews without original files to edit another's photos

    Hello all! I'm setting up shop as a freelance editor, but I've run into a problem with importing another photographer's set of raws. I had her send me the exported gallery, previews, and smart previews. I put them into their own file and opened it in Lightroom, but the program will not...
  4. T

    Lightroom duplicate troubleshoot, Teekesselchen - Plugin

    Hello all, I'm currently helping a client manually combine and manage two very old aperture libraries into a single Lightroom classic catalog. The combining task is complete. I'm now attempting to find duplicates via Teekesselchen. I've installed Lightroom Classic v10.2 and installed the...
  5. GadgetComa

    Sync to Lightroom option missing from Lightroom Classic

    I've been using Lightroom Classic for years and have created many collections that I've synced to the cloud. As recently as a few hours ago, I was able to create a new collection and check the Sync with Lightroom option. All of the photos synced fine. I closed Lightroom and came back to it a few...
  6. P

    Lightroom mobile camera not accessible

    I have a Samsung S8 running Android version 9. If I launch Lightroom on this phone and select the camera I get a black screen with a small white camera outline near the center of the screen but I'm unable to take any photos. I've allowed all permissions. What might I be doing wrong? Thanks

    Override Catalog on Startup - Windows 10

    There used to be a key that I could hold down while opening Lightroom that would allow me to choose to open a different catalog instead of launching my usual catalog. Is that option still available? I've tried SHIFT. I've tried CTRL and I've tried ALT, all to no avail. If this is still...
  8. M

    Filmstrip module truncated after upgrading to macOS Sierra

    Hello forum members, I am using Lightroom CC 2015.10.1 Release. After a recent upgrade to macOS Sierra Version 10.12.5 (16F73) the F6/Filmstrip panel is partially cut off as well as the Toolbar panel above it. What would enable me to get this back to normal? MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid...
  9. chantell reid

    Import "not responding"

    I have read a similar thread but I am still at a loss. Nikon D7100, Windows 8 64-bit LR 5.7 Recently and suddenly, trying to import from my camera, I get "not responding" when trying to import. It takes me several attempts for it to finally do something. No thumbnails load. All other functions...
  10. J

    Slow deleting photos...Corrupt catalog?

    For at least a year I have experienced slow performance when deleting photos. I get a message that says "updating everything" in a window titled "removing photos from services". It can take 5 to 10 min until I get the window asking me if I want to delete the photo from the disc or just remove it...