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    Travelling - catalogue and originals (RAW) - how to manage it?

    Hi everyone, could somebody tell to me how to correctly manage the catalogue and originals (RAW's), when I have both on the external HDD WD Elements (now 4 TB, before 2 TB) and backuped by Amazon Drive for Premium. But now I have a new NTB (Dell Inspirion 14 7000) and would like to correctly...
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    Ideal (or least bad...) workflow while on the go ?

    Hi there ! I have just sold my Windows Surface, and replaced it with an iPad Pro 11" 2020 512Gb. Now I'm struggeling with it, trying to find an "acceptable" workflow on the go. I have some special needs, as I often work abroad, shooting MANY photos every day. I think I found a good worflow for...
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    Adobe should not stop my photography plan license when i temporarily have no internet connection

    Hello everybody, can i do anything in front to not loose the ability to work with LR and PS when i am traveling in a country, where an internet connection is not guarenteed, for example Ethiopia? I just loaded the new versions of LR and PS, does that mean that Adobe will not contact my computer...