1. H

    No before image visable

    I'm editing some photos and am trying to see the before and after by using the backslash \ and y key. I can see the after but see nothing (blank screen) for the before image. Am I doing something wrong? Also, are crop and transform destructive edits? When I could see before images after...
  2. Fernando M. I. Carreiro

    Transforms are not correctly applied to Local Adjustments and Filters!

    I’ve discovered some major flaws in Adobe’s implementation of Local Adjustments and Filters (Graduated and Radial) and how they respond to Transforms (and Lens Corrections). I did not test Spot Removal, but they too most probably also suffer similar problems. When applying Transforms, using...
  3. C

    Have "Constrain Crop" checked by default in Guided Transforms?

    I use Guided all the time, and pretty much 100% of the time I want to have Constrain Crop checked. Is there any way to have that box checked by default when I choose the tool?
  4. A

    How to turn transform off by default?

    My LR (classic, v.7.0.1) applies transform by default trying to "fix" perspective in every picture. How to turn off this feature so it would apply transform only if I ask it to do it?
  5. Cuzzinbrucie

    How to reduce/resize a photo while constraining to 5"x7"

    I have about 10 photos that came from Google street view of all the homes I have lived in. They are larger than a 5x7 crop. Library view says they are 1044x614. Cropping to 5x7 would cut off off information I need from the photo. I expect Develop/Transform/Scale is one tool I can use. When...