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  1. S

    Wanted - looking to buy LR6 licence from anyone who’s now upgraded to CC

    Hi, I’ve a version of Lightroom 5 that I’m still using, however, I wish to utilise Negative Lab Pro and I see that it requires Lightroom 6 or newer. Does anyone have a Lightroom 6 installation with serial key that they’d like to sell? I expect with limited compatibility for newer operating...
  2. W

    Some presets transferred from old computer not showing in Lightroom

    I recently upgraded from a PC laptop to an iMac. I transferred my Lightroom (5.7.1) presets to the new folder location and restarted my Lightroom (and computer). Some of the newly transferred presets are now showing in Lightroom, but some are not. They are in the same folder with the same...
  3. M

    Transferring all catalogues and images from external drive to new external drive

    I have all my images and LR catalogues (yes I started life in LR with separate catalogues for large shoots) on an external drive using 3.5GB. I am running out of space so I have bought an external Raid 1 drive (2 x 8TB). I am running the new CC Classic. Some folders of images have their own...
  4. J

    Transfer to new computer - loss of some photos

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 5.2 I am transferring my photos and catalog from an old computer with Windows 8.3 and lighroom 5.7 to a new computer with windows 10. I have lost some photos, not a lot, but a small percentage. There is a black...
  5. R

    Temporarily moving Collections between drives.

    I keep my photo files on external USB3 drives and I am thinking about moving files I want to edit to my internal SSD to see if this improves speed. I'm hoping someone can suggest a quick way of moving designated images back and forth. I know how to do this using folder but my preference would...
  6. J

    Transferring edits of a single image

    There are times when I want to just take the edits I've done in LR on my laptop where the image file is on a portable hard drive and just transfer them to my desktop which already has the image file but does not have the edits of that specific file. How do I transfer my edits?
  7. Krista Aman-Widgren

    Can't transfer photos after buying new computer

    Hi I need help! I purchased a new computer (Dell with Windows 10). My old Lightroom photos are on a Silicon Power external hard drive. I can see the photos on the external, but they don't show up on Lightroom. I have tried numerous times to import or transfer but no joy. I think the problem is...
  8. K

    Moving Aperture Projects to Lightroom Collections

    Hello! I used the new Aperture import plugin directly in Lightroom to transfer all of my photos to Lightroom. I am new to Adobe, so I am a bit confused as to where to go from here to find all of my projects. I understand that Projects transfer into Collections in LR, but I have a crazy amount of...