1. Lataxe

    Topaz deNoise in LR workflow

    There's already a thread for this but it seems to be discussing the Topaz noise reduction software used as a plug-in rather than as a stand-alone product. Am I right, though, in thinking that use of the Topaz products as plug-ins to LR means that any original RAW file must be exported as a...
  2. Paul_DS256

    External File Naming by External Editor

    I am using TOPAZ Sharpening and TOPAZ Denoise. When I launch either from, the resulting filename is {filename}-Edit. I found this defined under 'Edit Externally File Naming' under the External Editing tab of preferences. TOPAZ applies it's own suffices when used stand-alone which I'd like to...
  3. rvenneman

    Plug in Hell. Win 10 and LR8

    I am living in plug-in hell. I have DXO NIK, Topaz Collection Aurora 2019 and Luminar 3, all of which show up in Photoshop CC and NONE of which show up in Lightroom 8. I need some insight on why this would happen and if anyone else had this issue and has solved this. This is on a Windows 10 OS...
  4. WildVanilla

    Topaz says file not from Lightroom, when it is

    Hi I'm having trouble with Topaz Studio at the moment. I send a photo from Lightroom (right-click > edit in > Topaz Studio). Topaz opens fine, I edit the photo, then try to save. Here I get an error message: Obviously the 'file not from lightroom' bit is nonsense, because it is! My...