1. Sergio B.

    Using external plug-ins with LR CC

    We all know that LR CC does not support plugins such as the ones from Topaz or Nik Collection. Has anyone circumvented this problem by bringing the photo to PhotoShop, apply the desired plugin, then return to LR CC? Thank you.
  2. Lataxe

    Topaz deNoise in LR workflow

    There's already a thread for this but it seems to be discussing the Topaz noise reduction software used as a plug-in rather than as a stand-alone product. Am I right, though, in thinking that use of the Topaz products as plug-ins to LR means that any original RAW file must be exported as a...
  3. Paul_DS256

    External File Naming by External Editor

    I am using TOPAZ Sharpening and TOPAZ Denoise. When I launch either from, the resulting filename is {filename}-Edit. I found this defined under 'Edit Externally File Naming' under the External Editing tab of preferences. TOPAZ applies it's own suffices when used stand-alone which I'd like to...
  4. rvenneman

    Plug in Hell. Win 10 and LR8

    I am living in plug-in hell. I have DXO NIK, Topaz Collection Aurora 2019 and Luminar 3, all of which show up in Photoshop CC and NONE of which show up in Lightroom 8. I need some insight on why this would happen and if anyone else had this issue and has solved this. This is on a Windows 10 OS...
  5. WildVanilla

    Topaz says file not from Lightroom, when it is

    Hi I'm having trouble with Topaz Studio at the moment. I send a photo from Lightroom (right-click > edit in > Topaz Studio). Topaz opens fine, I edit the photo, then try to save. Here I get an error message: Obviously the 'file not from lightroom' bit is nonsense, because it is! My...