1. S

    Lightroom Classic not saving titles

    Hi, My titles are not saving. Anyone knows how to fix this? Keywords are saving ok.
  2. B

    Captions not working in lightroom classic

    Since the last update whenever I try to put a title or a caption on images it changes the screen to dark or other modes. Anyone else experiencing this?

    Can't Enter Metadata Title & Caption in Multiple Photos in Grid View

    Hi ... I just updated my Lightroom Classic to V11 and I can't seem to do something that I often used in previous versions. I make constant use of the Title and Caption metadata fields for my photos, and I used to be able to select multiple photos in grid view and then enter a title and caption...
  4. R

    Library module file name, copy name, title, caption, label

    I'm sometimes confused (it's me, not LR!) how to best use (library module) the fields title, copy name, caption, label. Of course file name is fixed (I know I can rename) and caption should be a description of the photo I think. What the use for copy name and label confuses me. Any suggestions...
  5. C

    Metadata Title field in Library no longer expands vertically in LrC 10

    After upgrading to LrC 10, I noticed that in the Metadata panel, the Title field only displays one line of text. In previous versions, including 9.4, the Title field would expand vertically to fit the content. In v10, if one clicks in the Title field to edit, then the field will expand to show...
  6. L

    Add different/unique metadata on each photo?

    Hi! I have 1000+ portrait photos and I want to place the names of each and every person on the "Title" metadata. Is there a way to automate this? Thank you!
  7. BobT

    Title vs Caption

    Can anyone explain to me exactly the difference between "Title" and "Caption" as metadata fields in the Library module? Both hold descriptive information but act differently when uploaded to other applications such as SmugMug. SmugMug sorts photos alphabetically by Caption but not by Title...