1. Tim Armes

    TimeLapse: A new plugin for creating time-lapses

    Hi, It's been many a year since my last plugin, but I've recently had time to develop a new one for creating time-lapse movies directly from within Lightroom. It provides support for de-flickering your images, automatically selecting the best keyframes and blending develop settings. Once...
  2. Umberto Cocca

    Slideshow module Creating Time Lapse videos in LR

    Operating system: Windows 10 - Home Premium Edition Version: 10.0.16299 Lightroom Classic version: 7.2 [ 1156743 ] I was looking for options to create a time-lapse video in LR and found this template from the Adobe forums: To the fast lane of time-lapse with Photoshop Lightroom | Adobe Content...
  3. A

    LR3 presets vs LR6

    So I started out with LR3 and got some very nice Timelapse presets for it. I just upgraded to LR6 and those really nice Timelapse presets will not import or install in LR6. How can I edit them in order to import them into LR6. I've tried all the import options I can find but when I look in...
  4. R

    Gopro timelapse flickers- missing frames after exporting video sequence from lightroom.

    Hello I starting taking timelapses with my gopro hero 4. I take all the pictures with the same settings. These are the settings I use ISO 100 interval 5 sec megapixels 12 wide spots meter off protune On white balanse native color flat sharpenes low ev compensation 0 Once I finish taking the...