time machine

  1. LouieSherwin

    Time Machine on a NAS revisited - not recommended

    First I must say that I love Time Machine. It is hands down the easiest backup and restore system I have ever used and I have tried many. It has saved me several times from various disk failures. Time Machine was designed for and works extremely reliably when connected to a local MacOS HSF...
  2. S

    backup strategy problem

    to prevent my laptop (macbook pro) from becoming filled with photos, i am downloading them onto a "my passport" 4 TB drive. i had already been using another "my passport" drive for my time machine backups, and when the new one arrived for the photos, i said do not use it for Time Machine...
  3. SuzImages

    EHD conflicts using Lightroom and Mac Time Machine

    Operating System: MacBook Pro. latest version Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic CC I have had a conflict with two EHDs. They are both named the same. One I use with Mac Time machine to back up my system. The new EHD will now be used to back up my files, the Lightroom...