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  1. S

    Smaller .Tiff Files?

    Here's how my workflow might go; 1) Open DNG (Raw file) in LR, do some basic edits (Create Virtual Copy, just in case, for comparison or a way to get back 'quickly'), if it's enough then Export As Jpg. 2) If not then I Edit In > PS 3) In PS I make further changes, applying layers, filters and...
  2. G

    Jpeg vs tiff vs original RAW file

    I have been using Canon for about 10 or 13 years now and just switched to a Sony this June. I kind of wished I'd picked the Canon R whatever instead of the a73, but that isn't part of this post... Since I changed cameras, the file type changed and the files are more than twice the size. I just...
  3. B

    Workflow LR tiff pictures converted to jpg including improvements

    I have scanned many thousand slides into tiff format, 45-50Mb each. The slides are from 1980 to 2007. What is a good workflow to convert them to jpg at 5Mb each, second I need an automatic improvement in color and sharpness? I can not analyze each photo individually. I realise that a fair...
  4. N

    Jpeg vs TIFF for editing

    Hi, I'm wondering about editing files in Lightroom, specifically the difference(s) between jpeg and TIFF. To explain my question, a little background first. Here is what my workflow currently looks like: - Use View NX 2 to convert NEFs to TIFF and import TIFFs to LR (keeping all NEFs backed...
  5. A

    RAW vs TIFF

    I am a long-time user and fan of LR, currently on v6.5. I recently switched from Nikon to a Sony A7 and am happy with the camera except for one thing - the dull RAW files from the A7 (dull color, low tonal contrast) out of camera when loaded into LR. It's all there in the RAW, but takes more...
  6. P

    TIFF vs DNG

    I have seen a number of discussions as to the benefits of either TIFF or DNG but am still unclear as to which is most appropriate. I am going to be scanning a large number of slides using SilverFast scanning software to scan and manipulate. Then storing and editing in Lightroom and editing where...