1. G

    Imported keywords from another catalogue not being found

    Lightroom Classic 10.3, Windows 10. I keep my main catalogue on my home computer. When I travel, I create a new catalogue on my laptop (also Windows 10), import all my then-existing keywords from my main catalogue, then add my new travel photos and new keywords, often place names, into the new...
  2. C

    'Sets' of tags?

    Hi everyone, Im an underwater photographer with tens of thousands of photos, all tagged with multiple tags each in LR to aid retrieval of specific photos (locations, date, site, mutliple species tags etc etc). I'm considering tagging all my 'normal' photos too - family stuff, hols, etc, but I...
  3. Lina

    Library module Bug? Lots of duplicate autocomplete items

    Hi everyone. Found strange behavious. Does it work like intended? How to clear this list? And even more importantly - how to stop this field store every and each keyword that appears any time in my catalog? Any help is highly appreciated!
  4. Brian Scantlebury

    How do I recover last keywords

    Hi I have just tried to do a metadata update. That is I went to the metadata edit area and edited the metadata to try and get the copryright of appear on all image matadata. Having done that I went back to the folder I was working on and found all my keywords missing. Other folders seem ok. I...