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    World map in CC/cloud version

    Hi everyone, Is it correct that the cloud based Lightroom software does not have a feature to select photos on a world map? I wish to be able to find photos by location by looking at or pointing at a world map. Or am I just not looking at the right place? markus
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    Unable to enter tag/name in face recognition People mode

    In Lightroom Classic (ver 12.0.1), Library mode, People view (facial recognition), I can select the "yes" checkmark if LR has guessed correctly, yet when trying to type in a new name (or an existing one from the keyword panel) under the face, nothing happens. Well, it's intermittent - but I...
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    Virtual tags?

    Is it possible to create virtual tags? For example, I would like to create a tag "field flowers" that means "flower AND plant BUT NOT garden", that automatically becomes checked for a photo where its tags meet this condition. Stupid example, but it's just to illustrate what a virtual tag might...