1. Kevin Sholder

    Library module Keywords -> Synonyms

    In addition to photography, I've got a larger than average collection of family photographs used for genealogy research that are in various stages of having Keywords added to them. I'd like to clarify what I think is true about Keywords and Synonyms if possible. Please feel free to confirm...
  2. Onflipflops

    How to make a synonym non-exportable in import keyword list file?

    I am creating an extensive keyword list. Now I have tested a few things, and one thing doesn't seem to work properly (at least in my opinion.) Some of my keywords are not supposed to be exported. E.g. location information I do not want to share. Now I know this works with brackets...
  3. Cuzzinbrucie

    Can't remove LR keyword synonym from SmugMug keyword search list

    A while back I added a keyword synonym DB19451216 to a person's name keyword in LR. I decided to remove it so I double clicked the person's name in the keyword list and removed the synonym. Then I re-published all my images to SmugMug. The synonym DB19451216 still appears in the SmugMug keyword...