1. N

    Local copies but no adjustments locally.

    I alternate between using LR Cloud on a Windows desktop PC and an iPad and this works pretty well, except when I try to view at 100% when things are pixelated for a minute or so (and I can't work out how to get to exact 100% view on an iPad). It makes it impossible to check sharpness while this...
  2. K

    Lightroom CC start all over again How

    I have creative Cloud membership. I use Lightroom Classic on Desktop mostly. I had setup Lightroom CC at one time with synced images from my main catalog. I have not used Lightroom CC in the cloud for at least 12 months. Meanwhile, I changed location of my Lightroom Classic's catalog, made some...
  3. D

    Online keyword syncing

    I have a large catalog in Lightroom Classic that I need to collaborate with some people to remotely keyword the images. LRCC of course doesn't sync keywords:bored:. I've tried several photo hosting services (smugmug, zenfolio), but I've run into some issues with them. All I want to do is publish...
  4. Oliver Vornberger

    Stuck during syncing between Adobe Cloud and LR classic

    After I take a picture with my iphone I start the LR mobile App to initiate the upload to the Adobe cloud. However, within Adobe LR classic on my desktop, the download from the cloud is stuck, i.e. several pictures are waiting in the pipeline (see pictures). What is going on ?
  5. I

    Photo Syncing Is Stalled on 322 Photos

    I have been having some organisational issues in Lightroom and trying to get everything tidy now. I am nearly there, but now I have 322 photos 'Syncing' but nothing is syncing. I have read about going to the Lightroom folder in AppData and removing the folder for Syncdata. This folder though...
  6. nkawoods

    Smart Previews Only in Lightroom CC

    I'm using Lightroom on two computers, Lightroom Classic on one (my primary computer) and Lightroom CC on a smaller computer (which I use for travel). Several of my photos in Lightroom CC indicate that there is only a smart preview available in the cloud. I thought what I needed to do to fix...
  7. Nicky3540

    Two Persistent Error Messages on Catalina

    Ever since I upgraded to the first release of Catalina, I get these two error messages every time I import images. First, I get this one: Then, in the Import window, I get this one: I work around the second one by using the drop-down list in the Destination section at the upper right of...
  8. D

    Photo syncing seems to have stoped after migrating LR classic CC to new SS drive on MacBook pro

    I have replaced the HD on a 2011 MacBook Pro with a new 1T SS HD (changed Ram to 16G also). All, files seem to have been migrated and LR works BUT the syncing with LR mobile seems to have stopped at about 3468 photos out of 65,000+. I do have several old catalogs from past versions of LR (6 and...
  9. JLU

    Syncing problems due to corrupted photos imported from LR 6

    Operating System: MacOS Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom CC I have LR Classic and have recently subscribed to LR CC. I have migrated LR6 catalog to the LR CC app for Mac. I have synced my photos with the cloud and when finished I get an error message in the cloud...
  10. R

    Lightroom Cc mobile not syncing to classic

    Operating System: windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): latest cc and classic versions. There seems to be a problem, I’ve not encountered before. Changes I’m making on the iPad and iPhone versions of CC are not syncing up to Classic. The other way round is working...
  11. Umberto Cocca

    LR CC Android and LR Classic working together

    Mobile Operating System: Android Desktop Operating System: Windows 10 Desktop Lightroom Version: Latest subscription, classic mode Question or Description of Problem: BEFORE LATEST LR UPDATES: I set up my LR CC mobile for android to automatically look up for images on my mobile and add...
  12. S

    Import Mind bending confusion about syncing mobile to desktop

    Operating System: OS X Sierra 10.12.6 Lightroom Classic Version: 7.0 Mobile Lightroom iPhone app v. 3.0.0 317C4C I have syncing turned on and I can see all the photos shot in the Lightroom camera app on my iPhone 6 plus in Lightroom Classic on my Mac. What I can't work out is if the photos I...
  13. GingeraMan

    Best Way to Sync and Share

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to easily sync and share photos? For example, I just ran face recognition and pulled several hundred pictures together of my partner in to a collection and she gets a real kick out of going through them, but my preference is at her leisure online...
  14. John Vaughan

    Syncing to CC from Smart Collection?

    Hello, I have syncing enabled for a set of collections, but would really like to only sync a smart collection that is based on shots that are marked as keepers. Can someone please tell me how I can do this? Thanks John
  15. Jon Busby

    Syncing just a collection only?

    Hi I have a query and I wonder if anyone can help, probably simple to resolve, I just haven't found a way. As a general rule I take a portrait session and load it directly into the desktop then sync that to my iPad Pro for editing. I don't need the full on desktop functionality as I tend to...