synchronise folder

  1. B

    More issues with importing files and synchronising

    Some months ago, my normal workflow ceased working when importing images from a Windows desktop folder into a LR classic catalog. Images from my Pictures folder were being included. I solved it by transfer the images I wanted to add to a catalog into a temporary and empty folder and then using...
  2. Antonio Correia

    My LR doesn't import photos

    My LR doesn't 1. import photos :mad: 2. doesn't update the folders where the photos are :mad: 3. imports in one folder and then when I move the folder (inside LR, dragging), the photos are gone but moving them back they do appear ! :mad: 4. can't see the photos ! :mad: 5. stuck in the middle...
  3. Patrick Bennett

    Synchronize Folder-Why Run the Other Way?

    In the latest email about some dude that lost a bunch of images it is stated to run the other way if someone suggests "synchronize folders." I can't find any info on the LRQ site explaining why. I use it all the time, I'm just very careful to note any missing files and go find them before I...
  4. T

    Merging duplicate folders question

    Windows 10, Lightroom Classic: I have a set of folders on drive F: that I have duplicated under a sub-folder on drive D:. The files on drive F: were the original files, I copied them to drive D:. Lightroom sees all of them on Drive F:, but on Drive D: it only sees some of them. When I click on...
  5. Antonio Correia

    How can I fix this, if you please ?

    I don't know how this happened ! When I import photos I always organize them by year and rename with the calendar's date, as you can see bellow . Now, when I import photos they go to the bottom drive inside the year (2021). Whenever I synchronise any folder in the bottom drive it appears on...