1. A

    RAW files imported in Classic, edited in mobile not synching back to Classic?

    Hello Lightroom Hive, I have a fairly developed, if painful, workflow that involves mostly Lightroom Classic and the mobile app on iPad Pro. I import JPEGs and RAW into Classic, add them to a synched collection, they eventually show up in the iPad where I cull and process them mainly for speed...
  2. I

    Sync Images not always synchronising properly to Lr

    Hi I edit images from LrC in Photoshop and save them back as TIF files. These TIF files are usually in a Collection to force them to synchronise to Lr on my iPad for viewing. I have noticed that not all files synchronise properly, for example, a file I was working on earlier is b&w but when...
  3. S

    accidentally synchronised folder, lost the edit- undo

    Hi all, i synchronised folder in lightroom but i noticed all my edits and my rating disappears and it goes gone back to state where i just imported the images. can anyone please help . how can i undo the sychronized folder or how can i go back to the state where i was before i applied...
  4. E

    Using a mapped drive with lightroom

    Hi. I have my lightroom classic catalog and image files on dropbox on my main computer. (I do know to give it lots of time to update before opening elsewhere to avoid corruption.) I have a laptop that does not have a big enough hard drive to sync the dropbox files (about 1.5 TB, yes tons of...
  5. GuldbrandRasmussen

    Sync Sync CC to Classic cause file coruption "An unexpected end-of-file occurred." (Windows 10)

    It seems my post was caught in the breakdown, so I'll try again. When I sync from CC on a laptop back to my desk with LR Classic, I sometimes get corrupt files on the desktop. Maybe one in every 100. It has been going on for a while. The file exist in the cloud and I can download it from the...
  6. GingeraMan

    Best Way to Sync and Share

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to easily sync and share photos? For example, I just ran face recognition and pulled several hundred pictures together of my partner in to a collection and she gets a real kick out of going through them, but my preference is at her leisure online...
  7. S

    Lightroom Mobile: Synching DNG files from iPhone to LR Desktop

    Hi Folks, I would appreciate any guidance or insight on the following topic. I've been using LR mobile since its launch, primarily to 'upload' collections of photos to 'LR Web'. Over the last few days, I've been experimenting with capturing DNG files on an iPhone 7+ via the LR app, and I now...
  8. guido.coza

    Having two catalogs and how to do it ?

    Hi All I guess this question was asked a thousand time but i could not find the thread, sorry! I got a new desktop computer and would like to do two things Keep one copy on my laptop, which I take with me on travel. Have a copy of that catalog on my iMac. Two things After every trip I load the...
  9. G

    Automatic Synchronisation between devices without plugging in

    Hi, I was wondering, if Lightroom provides a function for the direct automatic synchronization between devices using W-Lan ... iPhone to Mac+External backup drive... uploading new images automatically... What if I need to delete some pictures on the iPhone but want to keep them on the Mac...