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    RAW files imported in Classic, edited in mobile not synching back to Classic?

    Hello Lightroom Hive, I have a fairly developed, if painful, workflow that involves mostly Lightroom Classic and the mobile app on iPad Pro. I import JPEGs and RAW into Classic, add them to a synched collection, they eventually show up in the iPad where I cull and process them mainly for speed...
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    Synching problem on LrC

    I have returned to Lightroom (Lightroom Classic) after 2-3 years away. I own the vers 6.14 Perpetual Version of Lr, and have been using that to create my catalogs, using ‘Import from Another Catalog’ where I could. I ended up with 3 ‘new’ catalogs covering roughly the last 15 years of my...
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    Synching keywords from LR to PS CC

    (When using LR, I have metadata saved to XMP files.) I have many photos that were originally processed using Bridge/PS CC. These images were imported to LR. When viewing the images using LR, all the keywords and other metadata seem correct. Now I have discovered that the Bridge...