1. Light

    LRC and One Drive sync issues

    Hi I started this thread as a question, but after starting to write this I have found a solution that works - so here is the process which I thought I would post as a resource for anyone having similar LRC sync issues. I am running Lightroom Classic on a desktop with very fast broadband (approx...
  2. B

    Classic Sync Issues (no pun intended)

    I need some help. I got 6k images in cloud sync, but no sync'd collections on either laptop. I think I imported photos into my ipad via sd card reader and that is what is syncing. But If I go to delete image in lightroom classic app on my ipad, it says image will be deleted. But I am currently...
  3. M

    (UN)syncing or (RE)syncing to a new location

    Hi, I recently uploaded all my photos to the cloud via CC. I subsequently installed the LRC on my desktop and began to sync. I got few thousand pics in and decided I wanted them to sync to a portable hard drive instead. How can I restart this process? I see a butto that says delete all syncd...
  4. GadgetComa

    Sync to Lightroom option missing from Lightroom Classic

    I've been using Lightroom Classic for years and have created many collections that I've synced to the cloud. As recently as a few hours ago, I was able to create a new collection and check the Sync with Lightroom option. All of the photos synced fine. I closed Lightroom and came back to it a few...
  5. contact_3

    Having sync issues between Lr (Cloud based) and LrC (Classic)

    I used to be able to create albums in the cloud based version of Lightroom (Lr), and since my Lightroom Classic is connected to the cloud, I would see a new collection in LrC that would match the newly created album in Lr. Now, this doesn't happen anymore. I only noticed yesterday, but it might...
  6. nIkedoni1a

    double arrows for syncing collections on LrC with Lr on iphone no longer present after update to ver. 10

    the name of my catalog before the version 10 update was "lightroom database-2-2-2-2.lrcat" i think a 2 was added everytime i updated but i'm not sure but that was the name and everything worked fine. since the ver. 10 update the little double arrows that allow you to choose to sync a collection...
  7. G

    Syncing with LR Classic created empty folders but stored images elsewhere

    I recently got a new Desktop PC and so I transferred my Catalog from my laptop (which up until now had been my primary Lightroom device). This meant that, along with my main images, it also transferred all the synced images on the laptop. I wanted my new Desktop to be the device that synced via...
  8. H

    On shutdown photos are still syncing

    When I shutdown Lightroom, a dialog box comes up telling me that 39 photos are still syncing with Lightroom (number of photos has increased over time). Do I want to shutdown anyway? But they never sync. Sync is on when I'm working but the 39 photos never sync. How do I find out what photos...
  9. W

    Sync from LRC (Mac OS 10.15.7) Catalina to LR Mobile on iOS14.0.1

    I use Lightroom Classic (LRC) on my MackBook running OS 10.15.7 Catalina (latest) and LR Mobile on iPhone running iOS 14.0.1 (latest); as part of my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. After editing images on LRC and saving them into a library collection, LRC will automatically sync with LR...
  10. Luc Desaulniers

    Working with RAWs exclusively in the cloud. Possible?

    Good day all. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a 12.9‘’ iPad Pro. I’ve been a Lr Classic for... well... before it was called Classic. I would very much like to switch to the CC plan i.e. get the 1Tb cloud storage and begin using the iOS and CC desktop clients. But. I would like to...
  11. Steve Birch

    Sync Should this plan work (at least in theory)?

    Hi, There are features that I'd like to use in both Lr and LrC, and I've been trying to get set up with a way of working. I've tried several approaches, and I'm hitting problems, but before I go much further, I'd like to get some advice or feedback on what I'm trying to achieve. My equipment...

    Sync I've Given Up On Sync

    Syncing from Lightroom Classic to the cloud/web/ecosystem, or whatever you want to call it, just doesn't work reliably. I was able to sync over 37,000 images without a problem. Then, as I added another group of images to my sync folder, Lightroom did as it always does: it got stuck syncing a few...
  13. Laura Smith

    Forever syncing 3 photos

    Yesterday it got stuck showing "syncing 2 photos" and now it's gone up to 3. But if I filter by sync status I don't have any photos showing as syncing. Classic shows up as fully synced. It doesn't block anything else from syncing - it goes up to the number of photos I change + 3, syncs them...
  14. Laura Smith

    Negative filters/searches: showing "not Synced and Backed Up"

    I'm trying to display all the photos that don't have full size originals in the cloud (originated from Classic), so I can reimport them in Lr Cloud. The "Synced and Backed Up" filter shows "(676 filtered)" so I want to invert the filter to show which photos aren't fully synced. There's no...
  15. H

    Managing Apple Photos + Lightroom Mobile

    Greetings. I am wondering how people manage both the Apple Photos library and the Lightroom Mobile library on the iPhone. I have Lightroom set to automatically import from Apple Photos, but it leaves a copy in Photos so I have redundant copies. I don’t see a way to make it delete from the...
  16. Jay Clulow

    Exporting to Photoshop from collection (Not syncing back)

    Hi, I've been exporting my images from collections in Lightroom Classic and once the edit is finished it used to re-appear back in Lightroom next to the raw it was exported from. For some reason this has stopped working? It is saving in the same folder as the raw as you can see it when you...
  17. H

    Lightroom Catalog on thumb drive

    I would like to use my Lightroom Classic on my desktop and laptop (to edit and add keywords, etc.). If I put the catalog on a thumb drive and my photos are on Onedrive, will that work? If I add photos to the desktop LR, will the laptop version be aware or will it get everything out of sync? Any...
  18. Oliver Vornberger

    Synced photos show up twice !

    I use LR classic on my desktop and LR mobile on my iPhone and LR mobile on my iPad. If I take a picture with my iPhone, after a while it shows up on my LR classic catalog. Great ! However, shortly after it appears again. So all pictures appear twice in LR classic, in LR mobile on my iPhone and...
  19. A

    Issues with orphaned photos when syncing from Lightroom classic

    Hi, I need your help. Probably I'm doing something wrong, but can't figure it out. I'm syncing selected collections with the Lightroom cloud (from Lightroom classic) to edit them on my iPad. Works fine so far. When I remove a collection from the sync it disappears on the iPad and in the...
  20. prbimages

    All Synced Photos - Sync Issues

    I am seeing "Sync Issues" in LR Web, and discrepancies between the "All Synced Photographs" and "Deleted" numbers on LR Classic and the values shown on LR Web, LR Cloudy, and LR Mobile (Android). Specifically: LR Web: All Photos: 4838 Sync Issues: 3 Deleted: 29 LR Cloudy Desktop and LR...
  21. A

    catalog showing too many photos

    hi all. I recently moved my library to a new Mac recently and it got pretty messy, pretty quick. I have about 10k photos on my hard drive, synced to CC. But now 'All photographs' and my hard drive is showing 30k. I know for a fact there are only 10k images on there so how can I get this back in...
  22. Jay Clulow

    Can you use Classic & CC side by side..

    Well I'm in the unfortunate senario after building a new library first in CC (Cloudy). Having sync'd back to Classic (An Abyss of loose collections). I need to rebuild the folder/Collection Set structure in Classic to mimic that in CC (Cloudy). However its just occurred to me that seeing as I...
  23. andrew.j.crouch

    New release hopefully sync problems are solved?

    Hi all, Just about to update to the new released update and hopefully it will solve the syncing problem that plagued the last update. I will report back when I've updated. Cheers, Andy
  24. M

    Endless Sync Pending - how can i fix this?

    Hi, my Lightroom CC (Cloud) shows an endless Sync pending (Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6). Any idea how to solve this problem?
  25. M

    Impossible to upload directly into Classic?

    Probably missing something really obvious, but my understanding is the only way to get photos out of LR on iPhone into LR Classic on MacBook is via the cloud. That's fine with good connections, but when travelling that's not always the case. Instead of the endless tussle of trying to get a...