1. Jay Clulow

    Using entire RAM & crashing / Sync from CC

    Hello, My entire library was imported into Lightroom Desktop (CC). This now exists on one laptop and entirely in the cloud on a 4TB plan. I have a second laptop that I have have Classic on. It is now downloading the entire library onto that machine via Lightroom CC / Mobile. This is roughly...
  2. R

    Lightroom Classic Syncing issue - Replaced the last months of edits with the 'original edits', 150 missing and stuck on syncing 24 images

    I have had so many problems with lightroom since i started using Lightroom Classic (i need it to use Loupedeck). Today has been horrendous. I have found that all my edits ive done over christmas on my ipad have now been replaced with the original image. I have noticed i can goto Versions on my...
  3. A

    Endless "Sync pending" and "Syncing items"

    My LR for MacOS has been stuck in "Sync pending" (the tooltip that pops up if I hover over the cloud icon with blue circle in the upper right; it disappears when I try to screenshot it) for days. Nothing seems to be missing as far as synced photos, there are no Sync errors in either LR, LrC or...
  4. R

    Classic <-> CC, what sync and what does not ?

    I remember reading a thread showing what sync and what does not between LRClassic and LR Web but can't find it back. Any idea ? Thanks ;-)
  5. S

    Cloud : sync RAW files and edits from Macbook (Lr Classic) to iMac (Lr Classic) ?

    Hello, I travel with my Macbook running Lr Classic on which I store and edit my pictures while I'm away from home. Is it possible to sync my RAW files and edits on the cloud from my laptop so that when I get back home it's all automatically available on my iMac ? Not only the smart previews ...
  6. Patrick Bennett

    Synchronize Folder-Why Run the Other Way?

    In the latest email about some dude that lost a bunch of images it is stated to run the other way if someone suggests "synchronize folders." I can't find any info on the LRQ site explaining why. I use it all the time, I'm just very careful to note any missing files and go find them before I...
  7. I

    Just returned from holiday and images are not syncing to LrC

    I've images taken with the Lr camera on my iPhone and images loaded into a Lr Collection from a card reader onto my iPad. Both sets of images have synced with each other and of course, as you would expect, I can see the images in Lr on the cloud. However, quite usually LrC says everything has...
  8. N

    If photos and catalogues are moved within Lightroom Classic, is synchronisation automatic.

    Thanks to Victoria and Paul awhile back, I got my Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC on laptop, Web Lightroom, Mobile Lightroom on ipads and mobiles to synchronise after everything went pear shaped and synchronising had stalled completely after panic attacks on my old 2012 Macbook pro. It took...
  9. M

    Traveling drive for originals

    I use Lightroom (the Cloud version not Classic). I want to change the drive that LR saves the originals to from the static drive attached to my Mac to a traveling WD 5TB drive. I don’t want to take the existing originals with me, but merely save the new originals of photos which I take whilst...
  10. Jim Lancaster

    Synching metadata between LrC and Lr (and vice versa)

    I'm currently in the midst of a fairly massive project to digitize all of my family's slides and negatives going all the way back to 1940--perhaps 10,000 images in all. My work flow is to import the new hi-res scans into Lr, then let them sync down to LrC where I can use the date plugin to...
  11. C

    LR Classic 'stuck' syncing 1 photo from cloud - how to find problem photo?

    Hello all - I have a problem on Lenovo laptop Win 10 pro, LR Classic is 'stuck' downloading 1 photo (see image attached). I have seen other threads with similar problem in this forum and, based on helpful comments on earlier posts, think that I need to find the problem photo in cloud and delete...
  12. nIkedoni1a

    How to unsync images not in a collection?

    Have recently started using iphone as a primary camera. My workflow is as follows: Shoot images with pro camera app > Auto add from camera roll so synced to Lightroom cloud > Open the “Synced Photos “ subfolder in LrC on mac and delete unwanted images and pick others and create a collection >...
  13. A

    LrC and LR synching woes

    Great original content, great forum, thank you, Victoria. I feel I have wasted too much time trying to find answers on my own or going to the semi-official Adobe support forum. I see that there is an LrC and an LR subforums. There should be one for "Trying to live in LrC and LR at once and...
  14. C

    How do I delete synced Cloud data on one machine, without removing from LR Cloud?

    My Mac's disk is nearly full because I set up Lightroom Classic to sync the originals from Lightroom Cloud storage, and since then, hundreds of gigabytes of RAW images have been synced to Lightroom Cloud from an iPad. Lightroom Classic on a different machine (PC) is the single source of truth...
  15. S

    Revisiting using LrC and Lightroom together

    I posted several questions back in Oct/Nov about how to use LrC and Lightroom together. The history is that I was a LrC user for many years, but a couple years ago I started using Lightroom. I did not migrate my LrC catalog to Lr, so I've had two separate catalogs since then. I would like to...
  16. S

    Is it now possible to store Lightroom images on a local drive?

    I was just reviewing this page of Adobe's website, in preparation for migrating my LrC catalog to Lightroom. I came across this passage in the "Local Storage Preferences" section: Is this new? I was under the impression that there was no way to store full-resolution copies of images imported...
  17. C

    Sync Where is "Delete All Synced Data" documented for Lightroom Classic

    I am trying to find documentation about "Delete All Synced Data" in Lightroom Classic on Mac, to understand its behaviour, and any options it may have. I have searched for it in Feb 2022 edition of "Adobe Lightroom Classic Missing FAQ" and the Adobe online docs, and cannot find any write-up of...
  18. golfbravo

    "Deleted" photos still on iPhone?

    I recently got an iPhone 13 and am determined to use it to shoot more. In the downtime in hotel rooms, I have sync working form iPhone to Classic on my notebook. I rearranged the sync'd images in CC, renamed folders and moved them out of the sync folder chain. I assume they are safe form Sync...
  19. C

    Sync issue

    I'm starting a new thread on a perennial favourite (sync issue) because it involves 'new' Lightroom Classic desktop v 11.0.1 Problem is: I am trying to sync 19 jpg photos from Lightroom Classic laptop (Windows 10 Pro) to Lightroom (cloud) where I should be able to access photos from iPhone and...
  20. B

    Re-Sync LR Classic Collections

    I recently switched from LR CC to LR Classic and synched all the files to LR Classic. I was able to break the sync between LR Classic and LR Cloud and sync from LR Classic to the Cloud. I deleted all files on LR CC, but found several files which did not get synced so I needed to restore. Now my...
  21. S

    Sync a folder with a collection of that folder

    I would like to have a collection of images (from one folder) that is synchronized with it's parent folder so, if I add or delete an image in the parent folder the collection reflects the changes. Any thoughts how to do this?
  22. bill.fischer5

    Library module Does Lightroom classic continue to sync when I log out?

    I am making a lot of changes in my synced collections on LRC and adding new ones. Will the collections continue to sync when I log out of LRC or should I leave it running all night?
  23. S

    syncing photos

    I have an ongoing problem that I have not been able to resolve despite help from knowledgable others. The help should have resolved my issues but for whatever reason this time around, it is not happening. So I thought I'd post here to see if there are any other suggestions. My issue is that...
  24. tspear

    Sync Speed

    After braking Cloudy desktop (I broke sync) and starting over and being more patient. :) I have a question, how fast are others seeing the sync work? I have a gigabit connection, a fast desktop and Cloudy is only using a couple percent of the CPU/GPIU, memory is only at 40% and disk is at 2%...
  25. Web-Betty

    Confusion around Lightroom Sync

    Hello, I set up the sync option in Lr mobile on my iPhone to add photos from my photo roll to Lr mobile and to sync. As I understand it, this has added them to an "All Synced Photographs" catalog in LrC and they have been backed up to a folder on my computer hard drive. This is fine (kind of)...