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  1. Jonathan Clulow

    Can you use Classic & CC side by side..

    Well I'm in the unfortunate senario after building a new library first in CC (Cloudy). Having sync'd back to Classic (An Abyss of loose collections). I need to rebuild the folder/Collection Set structure in Classic to mimic that in CC (Cloudy). However its just occurred to me that seeing as I...
  2. andrew.j.crouch

    New release hopefully sync problems are solved?

    Hi all, Just about to update to the new released update and hopefully it will solve the syncing problem that plagued the last update. I will report back when I've updated. Cheers, Andy
  3. M

    Endless Sync Pending - how can i fix this?

    Hi, my Lightroom CC (Cloud) shows an endless Sync pending (Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6). Any idea how to solve this problem?
  4. M

    Impossible to upload directly into Classic?

    Probably missing something really obvious, but my understanding is the only way to get photos out of LR on iPhone into LR Classic on MacBook is via the cloud. That's fine with good connections, but when travelling that's not always the case. Instead of the endless tussle of trying to get a...
  5. R

    Sync Lightroom Classic and CC Sync Problems - Duplicate Files & Misorganisation

    Hi Guys I think I've truly stuffed up on this one! This is a Lightroom Classic post, although I'll be mentioning Lightroom CC a lot at the start. Background I am a long-time Lightroom Classic user. I've got a "Master Catalogue" of over 50,000 photos. These photos are sorted into a folder...
  6. J

    Incredible confusion with Lightroom's new names and web services

    I wanted to get sync'd with the "Lightroom" app on my phone and found a YouTube video showing how to do it: Great video but Adobe's new release of Lightroom Classic really made things confusing. You'd need to watch that video to see how confusing Adobe could make things in the space of a few...
  7. andrew.j.crouch

    Classic 8.4 not syncing completely sticking at 31, a bug?

    Hi all, I've noticed quite a few threads about the syncing with the cloud being broken and not completely uploading since upgrading. I've been on the Adobe forum and haven't had a lot of help with the usual methods being advise on, which don't work by the way! I am stuck on 31 files with it...
  8. H

    Trying to Save Metadata (xmp), hanging on video files

    I'm trying to Save Metadata on a large number of folders and files. (My entire catalog is 130,000 images, spread over 20+ years, by month/day folders. It's a lot of folders.) Problem is, if any one of these folders contains a video file (it seems), the process hangs. There appears to be no way...
  9. MarcRJacobs

    New Classic Install Downloads From CC Don't Sync Completely

    Hi; I have 59,871 images in the Adobe Cloud that were all uploaded into Lightroom CC (just Lightroom now). I just did a clean install of Lightroom Classic and turned on syncing to bring down the images into my local LR. All worked great, except my "All Photographs" says 59871 and "All Synced...
  10. David Gordon

    Auto upload from iOS Photos to Adobe Cloud has stopped working :(

    I had this working. I take a picture on my iPhone and open Lightroom CC which seems to initiate the transfer from Photos to my Lightroom Cloud. Then I see the pictures on my Mac in Lightroom Classic CC. Now although everything is in sync, new photos are not coming into the iOS Lightroom CC app...
  11. A

    How to redo catalog migration? (Completed but 0 photos migrated)

    I migrated my CC Classic Catalog after freeing enough OS_Install drive space (big complaint about having to be specifically there) and stored photos separately etc None of the photos migrated/imported upon completion. Now it says the Catalog is already migrated, how do I reset it to do it...
  12. H

    iOS live photos to Lightroom classic via Lightroom CC on iOS

    Hi, i have recently got an iPhone that supports live photos and am trying to find the easiest way to get them onto my desktop machine running lightroom classic. It appears that Lightroom CC on iOS only imports the photo element of the live photo, I have tested with "high efficiency" and "most...
  13. nkawoods

    Lightroom Classic Shows 36 Photos Syncing; Preferences Shows Nothing to Sync

    Lightroom Classic on my MacBook is suddenly perpetually showing that I have 36 images to sync. It doesn’t move off that number. When I go into LR preferences and check for mobile sync activity - it shows nothing to sync. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions for how to fix? I...
  14. Paul_DS256

    Force Rating to Image File

    I want to start backing up my pictures to a cloud account I have but I only want to save those images that I rated. I know that the rating is stored in the XMP and will be saved if I export the picture but I was wondering if there is any method to write the assigned LR rating to the rating on...
  15. D

    Best way to store master photo files and LR catalog in the cloud...Without using the Adobe system.

    I know this topic gets old, but I can't seem to find a single good answer. Is there any reason why my master photo files and my LR catalog can't be stored on a non-Adobe cloud service, like iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox or something similar? Personally I prefer Sync.com. I'm getting tired of...
  16. Palh

    Consider moving from LR classic to LR CC and cloud services

    Hi, I spoke to adobe support yesterday, but did not get the answers I need, so I turn to your expertise. First a short description of my config. One iMac with 256gb flash disk and 4TB hdd, using Lightroom Classic with folder structure. I only use folders, so no albums or other tools for...
  17. R

    Library|Compare|Focus,Sync&Zoom not working right?

    Hi all, I just joined the forum. I have been out of photography for a long time and just coming back into it. I am trying out Lightroom Classic CC, after having used Lightroom for a year or two when it first came out about 10 years ago. I expect I have forgotten a fair bit, and a fair bit has...
  18. Skippermark

    Lightroom Classic On 2 Devices

    Hi - I know this topic has been discussed here and other places, including some recent forum posts, but none specifically answered my question. If anyone has a helpful link that would be awesome too. I don't want to use LRCC because I'm creating multi-level keywords and also want the ability to...
  19. mikeCT

    Need Help: iPhone to Lightroom Classic CC Workflow

    I take pictures with many different cameras (my DSLR, my wife's mirrorless, and my iPhone and my wife's iPhone). Getting the photos from our dedicated cameras (DSLR/mirrorless) into Lightroom is pretty straight forward - I've got that process down.... But what I am struggling to figure out, is a...
  20. J

    Catalogs Cloud Catalogue Backup/Sync

    Hi Apologies as I know this has been probably been covered here before. Using Microsoft OneDrive I've recently synchronised my pictures and catalogue between my iMac and my MacBook Pro. To do this I first ensured that the file paths were identical on both computers Macintosh...
  21. Stefan Aalten-Voogd

    Lightroom CC + shared folders on OneDrive

    Hi, I have a question about my specific setup and whether Lightroom sync and OneDrive can work together. My wife and I each have Windows laptops and OneDrive accounts. We use shared folders on OneDrive to share files between us. Nominally I have all the "master" photographs (350GB, 90,000...
  22. T

    Sync Stop syncing LRCC albums / collections but leave collections in place on both?

    Not sure if I've gone about this the right way BUT my plan is (was) to use: 1) LRCC for essentially mobile based photography, syncing across laptop, phone and iPad 2) LRCC Classic for DSLR photography, storing my old archive AND store a back-up of the mobile images from LRCC 3) Use PS CC to...
  23. GuldbrandRasmussen

    Sync Sync CC to Classic cause file coruption "An unexpected end-of-file occurred." (Windows 10)

    It seems my post was caught in the breakdown, so I'll try again. When I sync from CC on a laptop back to my desk with LR Classic, I sometimes get corrupt files on the desktop. Maybe one in every 100. It has been going on for a while. The file exist in the cloud and I can download it from the...
  24. braver

    First LrCC Android Impressions: the Holy Grail is Nigh!

    After being a loyal iOS only user for 11 years, I've finally decided to give Android a try with Note 9 -- most of all, for the S Pen, and the 512GB internal memory, and the microSD card for storing my Lr Mobile-uploaded albums, 330K+, locally. I also wanted to try importing in the field and...
  25. braver

    Moving a Catalog back and forth, what about syncing of the 1:1 and/or Smart Previews?

    I've been generating 1:1 Previews always, per Peter Krogh (and embedded full-size previews into DNGs as I convert to it). Now I have a dedicated SSD RAID 5 array for the catalog connected to the desktop iMac Pro, which uses about 2.5TB -- 6GB for the catalog itself, 2.2TB for Previews and 0.3TB...