sync problem

  1. R

    Problem sync'ing between LRCC and LRClassic

    I have 121 photos in LRCC that I want to move to a specific folder in LR Classic. There are only those 121 photos in my LRCC. When I click on sync in LR Classic, it started moving files from a totally unrelated folder in my LR Catalog into the folder I created specifically for this. What am I...
  2. datz

    LR "stuck " syncing

    Hi I have 11,671 photos synced to the cloud and they have always synced flawlessly in the past. However a few days ago sync seems to have stuck and I now have a "Syncing 4,102 images" in the web sync pane and it never moves on and recent photos added to synced collections don't appear. On the...
  3. H

    Lightroom Mobil on cloud question about preview

    Hallo all Lightroom gurus so i have Lightromm Classic and Lightroom mobil i can syn arosse all the Ipad Iphone, and Windows laptop so all is good but one thing i dont understand if i sync a collection up to the cloud and it is on the web, ( so it is up there) how come that lightroom mobil only...
  4. H

    Sync between Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom not working

    I am trying to sync photos from a Lightroom Classic collection and Lightroom and am getting an error "Problem syncing with current catalog - This appears to be a duplicate or automatically created backup of your catalog. As it may not be current, sync has been disabled for this catalog. To...
  5. Light

    Back up sync problem

    Hi, Can anyone advise me, please? I am using LR Classic on Windows 10. What effect will deleting folders in the “Previews” and “Smart Previews” folders have on the stability of the catalogue? I have 2 folders that are corrupted and will not sync with One Drive in the cloud, and this is...