sync issues

  1. O

    One image stuck in Sync Activity, want to clear it but can not identify it.

    Hi all. I have FINALLY completed a huge syncing of 225,000 smart previews from Classic, and 35,000 originals from cloud. All synced and backed up in cloud apps and classic. Weeks of waiting. And endless headaches eventually resulting in a complete delete and re-upload. Anyway, now I have green...
  2. J

    Issues with syncing in app and web

    Hello everyone, So in the Lightroom web, it shows I have around 7000 pictures in the "Sync issues", and to sync them I should open the Lightroom App. The problem is the sync has stopped because it shows the error "Some items invalid". When I go to see which pictures have the error it says it...
  3. Stephanie Booth

    Last batches of imported photos to LrC not syncing to cloud

    I have a batch of photos imported into LrC that are "stuck" syncing to the cloud. I've wandered through the forum looking at sync problem threads and tried a variety of troubleshooting steps, to no avail. Some background and what I tried. This is my usual workflow: import photos into LrC from...
  4. MarkNicholas

    Sync LrC Issues

    Just to report that the latest version of LrC has seen the return of the "sleepy" sync issues with LrC. I rated over 1000 smart preview photos on my phone in Lr and they quickly synced to the cloud (I checked on Lr on my desktop). However, the ratings would not sync to LrC. It took 2 days for...
  5. C

    Some edits not syncing from iPad to LR Cloud or iPhone and iMac

    Hello all, I regularly import pictures from SD card into iPad where I cull and edit - normally it works fine and I have no issues. But yesterday I imported approx 40 images from camera SD card into Lightroom on iPad where I rated and culled images - all as normal. Problem: on the iPad I edited...
  6. H

    Are syncc issues in LR web keeping LRc from syncing with LR

    My LRc shows that it's trying to sync 18,212 photos, but it's been stuck there for weeks. Nothing is showing up under sync activity and I have tried to rebuild sync data twice. LR says it is syncing 112 photos, again for weeks. When I select view, nothing shows up. On LR web it shows over...
  7. H

    Lightroom classic won't sync with Lightroom

    My LRc shows 5,233 photos to sync, but nothing is syncing. LR shows 1 file syncing, but won't show what it is. It used to work, but hasn't in a long time. Any ideas?? Thanks, Holly
  8. B

    Erratic sync'ng of metadata between photos

    I'm on LR Classic 12.2. I have 123,000 images in the catalog and probably 20,000 of them have keywords, captions and descriptions. I've noticed since a recent update that LR is slow to display the keywords on a photo when you first move to it (it always used to be instant from what I recall)...
  9. G

    Can’t sync LR Classic to cloud, no matter what

    Cross posted from Adobe Community Support TL;DR - how do I jump start syncing from classic when it just sits there doing nothing and says 'synced'? I've been tearing out what little have my hair I have all weekend with this issue. I haven't been taking may photos lately and haven't fired up...
  10. datz

    Sync Sync issues (Again!)

    LR Classic won’t sync new photos, unless I rebuild sync data every time. Even as little as 12 photos stick on Metadata according to sync details in preferences.
  11. N

    Report on traveling with DSLR/Android/ipad and questions about things that didn't work

    This is a trip report about traveling with DLSR, smartphone, and iPad, and syncing to LRC on a desktop on return. First, NZ was awesome! We traveled the entire country from the tip of the North Island to Stewart Island in the south. Just magnificent. My plan for DSLR/Android/ipad worked...
  12. N

    One LR file doesn't change to smart preview after uploading but others do

    Hi-- I am practicing my ipad only workflow for my upcoming trip. I've successfully gotten raw files from camera to ipad to LRC (and thence to cloud) and also to an EHD. Most of the files are now smart previews on the ipad, as I understand they should be. One file (which is 1 of 3 that I've...
  13. thommy

    Sync issue - pending mask

    Hi I frequently have an issue with images never ending their sync status. When I check Sync Activity in my preferences, it says Pending Masks: 1 What does that mean and what can I do to solve the issue? Thommy
  14. S

    Problem with laptop and desktop syncing with OneDrive

    I hope I can explain this clearly. I have my LR catalog and pictures on my home hard drive, and back up to One Drive. I recently traveled with my laptop and decided to try to use the same catalog. Somehow I think I ended up downloading everything to my laptop. Now I can't get my new collections...
  15. mikecox

    Sync failure between phone app and computer app

    have a new ThinkPad which is where I now manage all my Lr, Ps, and Pr editing projects. But the Sync option isn't working on the ThinkPad; and it worked fine on the Surface. I haven't changed anything. I have 139 images in the "From cell" collection on the Lr app on my phone, but they are...
  16. Baldfatlimey

    Cannot see my images in the Mobile Downloads LR folder in Classic

    First I apologise if this has been asked before, I could not find what I was looking for but if it has already been addressed then a link to the relevant posting would be gratefully accepted. I am out of disk space so been trying to remove non essential files, folders, etc. I am also not...
  17. Steve Corcoran

    Sync LRC not synching with LR Mobile (Android)

    I'm having difficulty syncing recent photos (jpegs) from LR Mobile (v7.3.1) my Android phone to LRC (v11.2) on my Windows PC. I basically use it to transfer images from my phone to my main storage and LRC catalogue. I last synced a batch of phone photos in April and they all appeared in the...
  18. C

    "Unable to move some photos" how to solve? Associated with problem syncing LR to LR Classic

    Hello all - I am using LR on MacBook pro (2021 Apple M1 Silicon). Until about 3 weeks ago it worked fine and synced happily with LR Classic on Lenovo laptop. But now: 2 issues: 1. each time I start LR on Mac, message comes up that it's trying to move 7 photos, then after minute, says "Ooops! We...
  19. K

    3 photos are still syncing

    Whenever I quit LR, I get a message that "3 photos are still syncing with Lightroom" and asking if I want to wait. I'm using the most recent version of LR Classic (11.3) under Big Sur on an iMac Pro. I've attached a screenshot of the sync panel in the preferences window. jPhone is my old iPhone...
  20. thommy

    All synced images gone from collections

    Hi Suddenly all my images in my synced collections are gone - empty collections. And no images at Images still exist in their folders. And all non-synced collections seems to be intact. I will check my backups later to validate if there are images in my synced...
  21. D

    Sync Issues with 132 photos, tried everything nothing seems to work

    Hi all, I spent the last month on the road. That whole time I used only my iPad for uploading, culling and editing my images via Lightroom. Yes, all images from the SD cards were also saved to 2 different SSD drives. Got home on on Wednesday of this week and went to my desktop version of...
  22. N

    Lightroom Classic dont sync all

    Hi Im using win 10 with the latest lightroom classic and lightroom cc app installed on two computers. First I import my original photos to lightroom classic. Then I put them in a folder that I sync to lightroom cc. I do that so I can work on them from another computer. But almost everytime I...
  23. A

    2-way sync Lr <--> LrC

    I mostly use Lr, but set up LrC to explore some missing features, etc. Right now, I am testing Silver Efex Pro which is a plug-in for LrC, but not Lr. My Lr albums are synching to LrC catalogs, but changes I make in Silver Efex that are sent to LrC, don't seem to be syncing back. to Lr...
  24. Oliver Vornberger

    Sync problems between LR mobile and LR classic

    I have LR classic on my desktop and LR mobile on my iPhone. After I take some pictures with my iPhone I manually open the LR mobile app, that shows within seconds the newly taken pictures. From here it should go automatically to the Adobe cloud and from there to my desktop. However, I have to...
  25. R

    Keywords Created on Mobile App Do Not Sync to Desktop...

    Just searched but couldn't find this issue. Have recently started using the mobile app on iOs. Everything syncs fine up to my desktop PC and Classic - except for keywords added. I'm assuming this is deliberately not enabled but cannot see why. It would save considerable time - I often get...