sync error

  1. M

    Sync problems - what should I do next?

    I use Lrc and sync many collections so they are available on my mobile devices, and it also allows me to have only galleries for sharing. Sometime last year the sync broke (the sync panel in Preferences showed Metadata as the cause but without explanation). I have tried to Rebuild Sync Data a...
  2. golfbravo

    LRC 13.0.2 Crashes on Sync

    I just upgraded my desktop to a Mac Studio running Sonoma 14.1.1. I installed LRC (and PS via Creative Cloud) and I have a sync setup that takes my iPhone pics that are up[loaded to Adobe Cloud and syncs them to my desktop. I just returned from a TG trip and find that LRC is crashing every...
  3. N

    Images with huge filenames - where do they come from?

    I have ended up with images in my catalog with huge filenames. I assume they are images that have synced from my LR Desktop or one of the other online applications. Here is an example: 17632279_10107694503724751_6250391958677724408_o.jpg
  4. jon.tsujimura

    Sync error "metadata" detail says "Pending Mask: 1"

    I am currently running Mac OS Sonoma 14 and LrC 13.0.1. I currently have 15 sync issues with the same error. All the images have some kind of mask used and do not see any issues. How can I resolve the issues?